Top 10 Best Books to Read in TV References - August 2021

Here are our top ten recommendations if you are looking for the best books to read in TV References. We have made sure our list is diverse to cater to the interests of different types of readers.

1. Friends Forever [25th Anniversary Ed]: The One About the Episodes

Top 10 Best Books to Read in TV References - August 2021

A fully illustrated and authorized episode guide celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the hit-television show Friends , including a look behind-the-scenes of cult-favorite episodes, exclusive photos from Warner Bros., brand new interviews with show creators Marta Kauffman, David Crane, and set designer John Shaffner, and more. The beloved show Friends introduced the world to six young New Yorkers living together, falling in love, breaking up (cue Ross's "We were on a break!"), and getting into hilarious shenanigans, which became an instant classic formula that inspired dozens of "hangout sitcoms" long after the show's reign. But no sitcom has ever come close to the series that started it all, spawning iconic looks like "the Rachel" and timeless catchphrases like "How you doin'?" while creating a cultural sensation that catapulted the cast members to instant mega-stardom. Throughout the show's ten- season run, viewers watched Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, and Joey navigate their twenties and thirties with unwavering friendship, determination, and, of course, plenty of sarcasm. Friends Forever takes fans back to the set where it all began with exclusive photos of the sitcom that won four Primetime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series, eleven People's Choice Awards, and a Golden Globe for Jennifer Aniston for Best Lead Actress in a Television Series. This fully illustrated episode guide will treat readers to nostalgic flashbacks of the top one hundred episodes and sneak peeks of how popularly referenced lines from the show came to be. Friends Forever also boasts new interviews with show creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman on how the show got its start and set designer John Shaffner who reveals his inspirations behind the iconic looks behind Monica’s and Rachel’s apartment and Central Perk. It's no wonder why the Friends cast was chosen by TV Guide readers as the Best Comedy cast of all time, while countless other publications such as Vanity Fair  named the show one of the best sitcoms of all time. Fun, hilarious interactives include: Joey’s fake resume vs real one Countdown to the funniest Thanksgiving foods Trivia game Q&A from "The One with the Embryos" (Seriously, what is Chandler Bing’s job?) Follow Ross’s infidelity trail from "The One with the Morning After" Who’s that celebrity? A comprehensive guide to some of the most famous celebrity guest stars from all ten seasons

  • Author: Gary Susman
  • Publisher: Harper Design; Illustrated edition (November 5, 2019)
  • Genre: Humor & Entertainment, Television
  • ISBN: 978-0062976444
  • Dimensions: 7.25 x 0.97 x 9.25 inches



Top 10 Best Books to Read in TV References - August 2021

Fun, large-type challenges for fans of the TV show “Friends” We all looked forward to watching the next episode of “Friends” – now we can relive the enjoyment with a book of themed puzzles, each reminding us of another aspect of this great series. Word Search puzzles for lovers of the wonderful blockbuster series, “Friends”. Each of the puzzles relates to the locations, characters, and actors featured in the show. Clues and Puzzles are in Large Print and Easy on the Eyes Word Search Puzzles Double Jumbles Tons of Trivia Fun to do and easy on the eyes. A Perfect Gift for any Fan of the Series Hours of Entertainment Enjoyable, Relaxing, and Fun Book is Printed as 8 ½ X 11 for Ease of Use Includes Pages of “Friends” Trivia A treasure trove of fun and challenges all about the characters, actors, creators, and locations surrounding the hugely popular TV show “Friends”.

  • Author: Miranda Powell
  • Publisher: Independently published; Large type / Large print edition (November 25, 2019)
  • Genre: Humor & Entertainment, Humor
  • ISBN: 978-1711728872
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.22 x 11 inches


3. Steven Universe: Art & Origins

Top 10 Best Books to Read in TV References - August 2021

Steven Universe: Art & Origins is the first book to take fans behind the scenes of the groundbreaking and boundlessly creative Emmy Award-winning Cartoon Network animated series Steven Universe. The eponymous Steven is a boy who—alongside his mentors, the Crystal Gems (Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl)—must learn to use his inherited powers to protect his home, Beach City, from the forces of evil. Bursting with concept art, production samples, early sketches, storyboards, and exclusive commentary, this lavishly illustrated companion book offers a meticulous written and visual history of the show, as well as an all-access tour of the creative team’s process. Steven Universe: Art & Origins  reveals how creator Rebecca Sugar, the writers, the animators, and the voice actors work in tandem to bring this adventure-packed television series to life. Also Available: Steven Universe: End of an Era (978-1-4197-4284-2) and Steven Universe: The Tale of Steven  (978-1-4197-4148-7)

  • Author: Chris McDonnell
  • Publisher: Abrams; Illustrated edition (July 11, 2017)
  • Genre: Arts & Photography, Graphic Design
  • ISBN: 978-1419724435
  • Dimensions: 10 x 1.1 x 9 inches


4. The Housewives Activity Book for Real Fans: Vol. 1

Top 10 Best Books to Read in TV References - August 2021

This first-of-its-kind activity book tests your knowledge of the Real Housewives franchises, from the O.C. to New York and everything in between (geographically speaking). Written by a devoted Housewives fan, this book covers a host of topics ranging from scandals, to one-liners, to memorable vacations, to broken romances. With 50 pages of puzzles, riddles, trivia challenges, and other mental exercises, this unique activity book is sure to bring hours of fun to true Housewives fans that want to use their brains. No coloring pages, mazes, or other mindless activities--this book will put your mental muscles to work! Test yourself or play along with friends. Use this book to host a game night. Study up for BravoCon. How well do you know the Real Housewives? Find out with this book. Be sure to check out other volumes coming soon! (And don't be fooled by cheater brands. This is the original Housewives Activity book!)

  • Author: Caroline Ayres Teichner
  • Publisher: Independently published (May 3, 2021)
  • Genre: Humor & Entertainment, Pop Culture
  • ISBN: 979-8744324445
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.16 x 11 inches


5. The One with All the Coloring: An Unofficial Coloring Book for Fans of Friends

Top 10 Best Books to Read in TV References - August 2021

Grab your pens, sit down, relax and color in dozens of original, hand-drawn sets inspired by 10 amazing seasons of FRIENDS. You know you could recreate Central Perk by heart. . . and now is your chance to prove how much of a super fan of Friends you really are! Color your way through 10 seasons with your favorite friends with 20 illustrations based on the fantastic sets of the hit T.V. show. From the famous couch to that old, clunky cab and the coffee shop to the apartment kitchens, The One with All the Coloring is the perfect way to unwind, relax and take a vivid stroll back through your favorite episodes and scenes of all time.

  • Author: Valentin Ramon
  • Publisher: Ulysses Press; Illustrated edition (April 29, 2020)
  • Genre: Arts & Photography, Graphic Design
  • ISBN: 978-1646041640
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.12 x 8.5 inches


6. Star Wars: The Mandalorian: Guide to Season One

Top 10 Best Books to Read in TV References - August 2021

A book dedicated to the first season of the successful hit live action series The Mandalorian , streaming on Disney+, featuring character files, plots, settings, and behind-the-scenes content. With never-before-seen photographs, a complete episode guide, and a detailed behind-the scenes look at how the show - and its iconic new characters such as IG-11 and Moff Gideon - came to life.

  • Author: Titan Comics
  • Publisher: Titan Comics; Collectors edition (May 18, 2021)
  • Genre: Humor & Entertainment, Television
  • ISBN: 978-1787737105
  • Dimensions: 8.14 x 0.41 x 11.15 inches


7. British TV Streaming Guide: US Edition, Summer 2021

Top 10 Best Books to Read in TV References - August 2021

Ever have trouble keeping track of where all your favorite British TV shows are streaming? Wish you could browse a printed list of the British shows on streaming services you use - complete with descriptions? This guide will help. The British TV Streaming Guide includes roughly 2200 shows from 21 different American streaming services. Along with descriptions and original air dates, all titles are indexed in the back so you can quickly find out where your favorite shows are available. For the Spring 2021 edition, we've continued the new "Movie Night" feature that highlights a selection of currently streaming British movies. Whether you're a Midsomer Murders fan, a Monty Python addict, or a lover of period dramas like Bridgerton and Downton Abbey, this British TV guide will help you discover new shows and locate old favorites.

  • Author: Stefanie Hutson
  • Publisher: Aratinga, Inc. (June 23, 2021)
  • Genre: Humor & Entertainment, Television
  • ISBN: 978-1956058000
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.44 x 11 inches


8. Goodnight John-Boy: A Memory Book of The Waltons, One of Television's Greatest Families

Top 10 Best Books to Read in TV References - August 2021

A wonderful history and celebration of The Waltons TV show. Goodnight, John-Boy is a nostalgic memory book of The Waltons , the number-one television show of its time. Filled with behind-the-scenes anecdotes and profiles of people who appeared on the show, it introduces readers to the Hamner family members who later became characters on The Waltons , suggests events and locales that inspired many of the episodes, and traces Earl Hamner's life as a writer from Virginia to New York to Hollywood. For eight wonderful years The Waltons , the story of a family living in the foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains during the Depression, entertained America and the world. Yet this television show was more than entertaining. Each episode combined wonderful stories and "teachable moments" in which adults and children alike learned the importance of honesty, hard work, respect, responsibility, self-sacrifice, and kindness. As is true in most families, the Waltons faced many challenges, occasionally stumbled along the way, but they struggled to live their lives within the framework of the values they believed and taught. Included in Goodnight, John-Boy : A description of each episode Events and locales that inspired the episodes Reminiscence, comments, and personal feelings from writers, actors, directors, producers, family, and fans Publicity shots and personal photographs taken by cast, crew, and others The perfect conversation-starting coffee table book or gift for grandpa, grandma, or any fan of The Waltons

  • Author: Earl Hamner
  • Publisher: Cumberland House; Illustrated edition (October 1, 2002)
  • Genre: History, Americas
  • ISBN: 978-1581822984
  • Dimensions: 7 x 0.6 x 9 inches


9. Off the Back of a Truck: Unofficial Contraband for the Sopranos Fan

Top 10 Best Books to Read in TV References - August 2021

Unleash your inner Soprano and relive all your favorite moments with this companion guide to the award-winning television series The Sopranos . We all know and love The Sopranos , one of the most important television dramas to ever hit the small screen, having run for six seasons on HBO. The story of the Italian-American mobster Tony Soprano balancing his family life with his role as the leader of a criminal organization pioneered decades of genre-bending “peak TV.” Now, Off the Back of a Truck takes you one step further into the world of Tony Soprano and his families, offering an Italian potluck of fresh and fun takes that any true fan can get lost in for hours. Off the Back of a Truck includes: -New looks at everyone’s favorite episodes, scenes, and characters -All 92 deaths analyzed, evaluated, and ranked -An investigation of true crimes behind the families’ schemes -An exploration of movies and shows that inspired The Sopranos -Reflections on the use of music, food, and fashion from writers who are also huge fans -A provocative conversation about what happens in the controversial ending This book takes you on a journey through the six seasons you have watched time and time again—but it's organized so you can dip in at any time, at any place. Roam around as though you’re in Tony’s backyard for a BBQ...

  • Author: Nick Braccia
  • Publisher: Tiller Press (December 1, 2020)
  • Genre: Humor & Entertainment, Television
  • ISBN: 978-1982139063
  • Dimensions: 6 x 1.1 x 9 inches


10. U.S.S. Enterprise Haynes Manual (Star Trek)

Top 10 Best Books to Read in TV References - August 2021

The U.S.S. Enterprise is without doubt the most famous starship in history. The vessels that have carried the name have saved the galaxy countless times and her captains, including Archer, Kirk, and Picard, have been legendary. This Haynes Manual provides in-depth information about these extraordinary ships, from the Enterprise NX-01, to Captain Kirk’s Enterprise NCC-1701 and Captain Picard’s Enterprise NCC-1701-D including histories of each vessel, technical information about their systems, and discussions of key technologies such as transporters and warp-speed travel. Find out exactly what powered these ships, how they were armed and what it took to operate them. The book features newly created artwork throughout, including full-ship cutaways of each Enterprise , key systems, and interior locations together with detailed new exterior views by one of STAR TREK’s original visual effects artists. This Haynes Manual is fully authorized by CBS and technical consultant Michael Okuda, who spent thirteen years working on STAR TREK TV series and movies.

  • Author: Ben Robinson
  • Publisher: Pocket Books/Star Trek; 0 edition (November 2, 2010)
  • Genre: Humor & Entertainment, Television
  • ISBN: 978-1451621297
  • Dimensions: 8.38 x 0.7 x 10.88 inches