Top 10 Best Books to Read in Children's Magic Books - August 2021

Here are our top ten recommendations if you are looking for the best books to read in Children's Magic Books. We have made sure our list is diverse to cater to the interests of different types of readers.

1. Paint by Sticker Kids: Unicorns & Magic: Create 10 Pictures One Sticker at a Time! Includes Glitter Stickers

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Children's Magic Books - August 2021

Paint a magical world with stickers (including glitter stickers)!   Paint by Sticker Kids: Unicorns & Magic includes everything kids need to create ten vibrant images, including unicorns, a dragon, a princess, and more.   Step 1: Find the sticker. Step 2: Peel the sticker. Step 3: Place the sticker. Add the next, and the next, and watch your enchanting paintings come to life!     All the pages are perforated, making it easy to tear out each finished work to frame and share!

  • Author: Workman Publishing
  • Publisher: Workman Publishing Company; Illustrated edition (April 30, 2019)
  • Genre: Children's Books, Arts, Music & Photography
  • ISBN: 978-0761193647
  • Dimensions: 8.9 x 0.2 x 8.9 inches


2. Would You Rather Game Book for Kids: 500 Hilarious Questions, Silly Scenarios and Challenging Choices the Whole Family Will Love

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Children's Magic Books - August 2021

The 500 Questions You Never Knew That You Wanted to Ask Your Family ...And the Ways These Can Help for a Magical Bonding Experience How well do you know your family or friends? Oh, you think you’re an expert? If so, can you answer this question: would your best friend prefer they had hair all over their body or no hair at all? This one got you, didn’t it? The right questions can help you learn so much about the people you love and (think) you know well. In today’s busy world, families and loved ones don’t really get to spend a lot of time together. When they do, some will potentially be stuck in front of the smartphone or television screen. According to a study by market-research group, Nielsen American adults spend more than 11 hours per day watching, reading, listening to or simply interacting with media. Kids and teens age 8 to 18 spend an average of more than seven hours a day looking at screens . That’s no way to communicate and bond. Spending quality time together as a family is important in more than one way: It is one of the primary tools for building your kid’s self-esteem You can encourage positive behaviors, even if you act in a silly way together or play a game Family time actually strengthens performance in school And let’s face it – you’ll be creating memories to last you a lifetime Last but not least, you don’t need hi-tech and numerous devices to make family time fun It takes very little to unleash the powerful imagination kids possess. A single question will often do it. In Would You Rather Game Book for Kids , you’ll discover: 125 fun, silly and inspiring “would you rather” questions 125 fun, silly and inspiring “what do you have to lose” questions Many, many other questions you never would have come up with yourself A chance to learn things beyond your imagination about the people you love 100 hours of activity and fun, bonding time Provocative inquiries like “would you rather run as fast as a jaguar or have a Jaguar as your sports car?” How to relive some of the most exciting and memorable moments in your life Easy strategies for growing your imagination stronger and creating a world beyond belief Opportunities to engage your kids in family activities that don’t involve video games or screens Chapters that will help you bring out your inner child and have a ton of silly fun And a lot more! The book provides a flexible approach towards family bonding. Not only can you answer the featured questions, but you can also elaborate further on topics of interest. You can dig into a niche that interests you and you can even draft your own questions to take the experience to the next level. And on top of that, you can play the game over and over again even if you ask the same questions. As your kids grow or the relationship with your friends evolves, chances are that you’ll receive very different answers from the ones you got previously. Learning about each other will never get dull or boring if you have the right tools at your disposal. Scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button for a chance to get to know your loved ones in a way you considered unfathomable before.

  • Author: Jenny Moore
  • Publisher: Independently published (January 8, 2020)
  • Genre: Children's Books, Activities, Crafts & Games
  • ISBN: 978-1653075102
  • Dimensions: 6 x 0.31 x 9 inches


3. Maze Puzzle Book for Kids 4-8: 101 Fun First Mazes for Kids 4-6, 6-8 year olds | Maze Activity Workbook for Children: Games, Puzzles and Problem-Solving (Maze Learning Activity Book for Kids)

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Children's Magic Books - August 2021

Give your child an aMAZEing experience with this maze activity book! A complete maze experience with: •101 Mazes with colorable characters and illustrations •101 Fun themes make solving mazes exciting • Increasing difficulty levels • With real world logic: Bring the chicken home, help the family get to the bus, help the dog get to the bone and more. • Improve hand eye coordination, dexterity and muscle memory • With certificate at back of the book! The amazingly fun mazes and activities in this book are designed to provide an enjoyable and fun learning experience for children of all ages from preschool, nursery and even beyond. Solving maze activities can be a crucial yet fun part of your kid's development, they help in nurturing the development of your child's brain, thought processes, problem solving skills, IQ and intelligence by having your child map out the best path to reach the goal in every activity. Constant practice helps nurture the mind and build hand eye coordination, problem solving skills, muscle memory and dexterity. Each maze is lovingly designed with cute characters and illustrations taht your child can color in that are sure to keep your kid engaged. Mazes have increasing difficulty to get your child easily started off with the logic of maze solving and progressing to more challenging mazes as your child gets more experience. Real world logic is incorporated in the mazes, examples are: help chicken to the coop and bring the ball to the hoop. Real world logic helps anchor the activities to real life situations and can be experience for your child.

  • Author: Jennifer L. Trace
  • Publisher: Independently published (February 16, 2020)
  • Genre: Children's Books, Activities, Crafts & Games
  • ISBN: 979-8603542379
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.27 x 11 inches


4. 101 Fun Crossword Puzzles for Kids: First Children Crossword Puzzle Book for Kids Age 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 and for 3rd graders | Kids Crosswords (Easy Word Learning Activities for Kids)

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Children's Magic Books - August 2021

Have Your Child Improve Vocabulary and Critical Thinking Skills Through Fun Crossword Puzzles! With 101 puzzles, this crossword book provides hours of fun-filled puzzles! It is one of the best ways to educate kids, but at the same time entertain them. Your children will have the opportunity to build vocabulary and improve their spelling. • Produced and created by professional writers native in the English language • Large puzzles made easy to see with cute picture themes • Three levels starting from easy to hard with bonus challenges at the end • Enhance productivity and improve problem-solving skills • Tons of fun for everyone in the family Other than the above mentioned points, crossword puzzles for kids also provide numerous health benefits such as reduced stress and relaxation.. Includes a certificate on the back of the book that you can present to your child upon completion. Order Now and Enjoy One of the Best Crossword Puzzle Books for Kids!

  • Author: Jennifer L. Trace
  • Publisher: Kids Activity Publishing (May 9, 2020)
  • Genre: Children's Books, Activities, Crafts & Games
  • ISBN: 978-1946525109
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.27 x 11 inches


5. Magic Tricks with Coins, Cards, and Everyday Objects

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Children's Magic Books - August 2021

Learn over 50 mind-blowing magic tricks and delight your friends and family, all without buying fancy props or equipment. Step-by-step photos and encouraging performance tips from top magician Jake Banfield will turn you into a professional in no time! Magic Tricks with Coins, Cards, and Everyday Objects will teach you how to make magic with anything you can get your hands on. With magic tricks of varying levels of difficulty divided by category— card tricks , coin tricks , everyday objects , and mind reading —this book offers an insider’s view of the popular world of “street magic,” where magicians specialize in up-close, informal tricks to bamboozle their audiences.   Along with card trick basics , the introduction sets out the rules for performing magic and offers suggestions on how to combine tricks for maximum impact, tips on rehearsing and practice , and advice on how to develop your own performance style to truly wow your audience. Then, explore top magic secrets to learn how to: Make a card chosen by a volunteer disappear, and then reappear inside an orange! Melt a coin through an audience member’s hand! Make two paper clips fly through the air like trapeze artists and end up magically linked! Turn into a magical ninja, harnessing a secret force to chop a carrot in two with only a banknote! Tear a length of thread into pieces, and then miraculously restore them into one long piece again! Amaze your volunteer by knowing exactly which word they’re thinking of! And so much more! Attention aspiring Houdinis of all ages: prepare to transform from you into super magic you .

  • Author: Jake Banfield
  • Publisher: QEB Publishing; Illustrated edition (July 1, 2017)
  • Genre: Children's Books, Activities, Crafts & Games
  • ISBN: 978-1682971512
  • Dimensions: 7.8 x 0.65 x 10.65 inches


6. The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Children's Magic Books - August 2021

The most complete book on the subject ever written, this is the fascinating inside story by two long-term Disney animators of the gradual perfecting of a relatively young and particularly American art from, which no other move studio has ever been able to equal . The authors, Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston , worked with Walt Disney himself as well as other leading figures in a half-century of Disney films. They personally animated leading characters in most of the famous films and have decades of close association with the others who helped perfect this extremely difficult and time-consuming art form. Not to be mistaken for just a "how-to-do-it," this voluminously illustrated volume (like the classic Disney films themselves) is intended for everyone to enjoy. Besides relating the painstaking trial-and-error development of Disney's character animation technology, this book irresistibly charms us with almost an overabundance of the original historic drawings used in creating some of the best-loved characters in American culture: Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, Snow White and Bambi (among many, many others) as well as early sketches used in developing memorable sequences from classic features such as Fantasia and Pinocchio . With the full cooperation of Walt Disney Productions and free access to the studio's priceless archives, the authors took unparalleled advantage of their intimate long-term experience with animated films to choose the precise drawings to illustrate their points from among hundreds of thousands of pieces of artwork carefully stored away. The book answers everybody's question about how the amazingly lifelike effects of Disney character animation were achieved, including charming stories of the ways that many favorite animated figures got their unique personalities. From the perspective of two men who had an important role in shaping the art of animation, and within the context of the history of animation and the growth of the Disney studio, this is the definitive volume on the work and achievement of one of America's best-known and most widely loved cultural institutions. Nostalgia and film buffs, students of popular culture, and that very broad audience who warmly responds to the Disney "illusion of life" will find this book compelling reading (and looking!). Searching for that perfect gift for the animation fan in your life? Explore more behind-the-scenes stories from Disney Editions: The Art of Mulan: A Disney Editions Classic Walt Disney's Ultimate Inventor: The Genius of Ub Iwerks One Day at Disney: Meet the People Who Make the Magic Across the Globe The Walt Disney Studios: A Lot to Remember From All of Us to All of You: The Disney Christmas Card Ink & Paint: The Women of Walt Disney's Animation Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: The Search for the Lost Disney Cartoons, Revised Special Edition Disney Villains: Delightfully Evil - The Creation, The Inspiration, The Fascination The Art and Flair of Mary Blair: An Appreciation, Updated Edition

  • Author: Ollie Johnston
  • Publisher: Disney Editions; Illustrated edition (October 19, 1995)
  • Genre: Children's Books, Activities, Crafts & Games
  • ISBN: 978-0786860708
  • Dimensions: 10.75 x 1.5 x 11.5 inches


7. I Spy With My Little Eye VEHICLES Book For Kids Ages 2-5: Cars, Trucks And More | A Fun Activity Learning, Picture and Guessing Game For Kids | Toddlers & Preschoolers Books | (I Spy Series)

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Children's Magic Books - August 2021

I Spy With My Little Eye - Vehicle Activity Guessing Game for  Kids 2-5 Can you find them all? This book will help your child learn how to recognize letters, colors and objects. Book Description: Fun game to keep your child entertained Let them learn about letters, colors and objects Beautiful designs for all ages 8.25" by 8.25" Put a SMILE on your Children face! Scroll up and BUY NOW!

  • Author: Rainbow Lark
  • Publisher: Independently published (November 11, 2020)
  • Genre: Children's Books, Activities, Crafts & Games
  • ISBN: 979-8563415904
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.09 x 8.5 inches


8. Magic Tricks for Kids: Easy Step-by-Step Instructions for 25 Amazing Illusions

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Children's Magic Books - August 2021

Learn magic and performance skills with 25 astounding magic tricks! Want to learn how to levitate a coffee cup? Magically double your money? Become a mind reader? Discover the secrets to these tricks and more in Magic Tricks for Kids . Watch jaws drop as you perform these wonderful illusions using simple, step-by-step instructions and homemade props. Gain confidence with easier tricks at the start of the book before moving on to more complex magic tricks that require sleight-of-hand skills. Finally, learn some spellbinding card tricks and how to make items appear out of thin air! You’ll wow your family and friends while learning the art of a mesmerizing performance. Magic Tricks for Kids includes: DIY magic ―All the magic tricks use simple household objects, making them easy to perform anytime. A chapter on magical crafts also shows you how to make a magic wand, a magic box, and a magic table to help you put on fantastic shows at home. The code ―Learn the respected “Magician’s Code,” including the most important rule―never reveal how the trick is done. More than magic ―With sample scripts to go along with each trick, you'll learn the art of patter―injecting your performance with comedy, suspense, and surprise! With Magic Tricks for Kids , you’ll blow minds and astonish your friends.

  • Author: Phil Ackerly
  • Publisher: Rockridge Press (September 15, 2020)
  • Genre: Children's Books, Activities, Crafts & Games
  • ISBN: 978-1646118380
  • Dimensions: 7.3 x 0.7 x 9.1 inches


9. Magic Secrets (I Can Read Level 3)

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Children's Magic Books - August 2021

Let the magic show begin! Presto the magician is about to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Watch closely—the next magician to perform could be YOU! With Magic Secrets , young readers will learn the secrets behind magic tricks to impress friends and family. "Most of the magic tricks presented here are easily understood and appear to be simple to learn and to execute with ample practice. Disappearing coins, rope tricks, a genie in a bottle, and many others provide interesting stunts to amaze and mystify one's friends." (School Library Journal) Magic Secrets  is a Level Three I Can Read book. Level 3 includes many fun subjects kids love to read about on their own. Themes include friendship, adventure, historical fiction, and science. Level 3 books are written for early independent readers. They include some challenging words and more complex themes and stories.

  • Author: Rose Wyler
  • Publisher: HarperCollins; Rev ed. edition (October 30, 1991)
  • Genre: Children's Books, Literature & Fiction
  • ISBN: 978-0064441537
  • Dimensions: 6 x 0.19 x 9 inches


10. Magic Tricks from the Tree House: A Fun Companion to Magic Tree House Merlin Mission #22: Hurry Up, Houdini! (Magic Tree House (R))

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Children's Magic Books - August 2021

With simple instructions, easy-to-follow diagrams, and tips from Jack and Annie, Magic Tricks from the Tree House is perfect for fans of the bestselling chapter book series, magic, and fun! It's a book of magic tricks perfect for chapter book readers! When Jack and Annie went back in time to meet Houdini, they learned that the most famous magician of all time didn't use real magic at all. It was a trick! Now they've tracked down all the best, most fun, most tricky magic tricks and put them together in one book - so you to learn too! Tailor-made to teach kids how to wow friends and family in their very own magic show, this book also includes facts about famous magicians and famous tricks. Did you know that there’s a Magic Tree House book for every kid? Magic Tree House: Adventures with Jack and Annie, perfect for readers who are just beginning chapter books Merlin Missions: More challenging adventures for the experienced reader Super Edition: A longer and more dangerous adventure Fact Trackers: Nonfiction companions to your favorite Magic Tree House adventures

  • Author: Mary Pope Osborne
  • Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers; Illustrated edition (July 23, 2013)
  • Genre: Children's Books, Literature & Fiction
  • ISBN: 978-0449817902
  • Dimensions: 5.19 x 0.32 x 7.63 inches