Top 10 Best Books to Read in Nursing Oncology - August 2021

Here are our top ten recommendations if you are looking for the best books to read in Nursing Oncology. We have made sure our list is diverse to cater to the interests of different types of readers.

1. The Cancer Diet Cookbook: Comforting Recipes for Treatment and Recovery

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Nursing Oncology - August 2021

100 Easy, nourishing meals for cancer patients and caregivers during treatment and recovery No matter what your cancer journey may be, it’s essential to make sound dietary choices during this incredibly challenging time. The Cancer Diet Cookbook can help you during treatment and recovery by offering tons of healthy and tasty meal options made in 30 minutes or less, with five simple ingredients, or all in one pot. Beyond that, you’ll explore the relationship between cancer and nutrition as well as the crucial roles that compassion and self-care play in the lives of both patients and caregivers. From Easy Lemon-Butter Fish to mouthwatering Moroccan Chicken, this complete cancer diet cookbook and good health guide will give you everything you need to stay strong and eat well during this process. The Cancer Diet Cookbook features: 100 Wholesome recipes ―Discover dozens of delicious, nutritious dishes made with easy-to-find ingredients that can help manage symptoms and boost immunity during and after treatment. Time-saving tips ―This comprehensive cancer diet cookbook shares expert advice for batch cooking, simple storage options, and drinks and snacks you can make in a snap. Essential info ―Learn how cancer affects the body, how “cancer-fighting foods” can help, some foods to avoid, and more from an experienced registered dietitian. Embrace a new, healthier way of eating that’s perfect for patients and caregivers with The Cancer Diet Cookbook .

  • Author: Dionne Detraz RD
  • Publisher: Rockridge Press (November 3, 2020)
  • Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine, Special Diet
  • ISBN: 978-1647392543
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 0.55 x 9.25 inches


2. World Without Cancer; The Story of Vitamin B17

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Nursing Oncology - August 2021

Mr. Griffin marshals the evidence that cancer is a deficiency disease - like scurvy or pellagra - aggravated by the lack of an essential food compound in modern man s diet. That substance is vitamin B17. In its purified form developed for cancer therapy, it is known as Laetrile. This story is not approved by orthodox medicine. The FDA, the AMA, and The American Cancer Society have labeled it fraud and quackery. Yet the evidence is clear that here, at last, is the final answer to the cancer riddle. Why has orthodox medicine waged war against this non drug approach? The author contends that the answer is to be found, not in science, but in politics - and is based upon the hidden economic and power agenda of those who dominate the medical establishment. This is the most complete and authoritative treatise available on this topic.

  • Author: G. Edward Griffin
  • Publisher: American Media; Third Edition (December 18, 1974)
  • Genre: Medical Books, Medicine
  • ISBN: 978-0912986500
  • Dimensions: 6 x 0.82 x 9 inches


3. Healing the Gerson Way: The All-Natural Solution for Cancer & Chronic Disease

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Nursing Oncology - August 2021

Healing the Gerson Way is written in an easy-to-read style with step-by-step instructions for implementing the Gerson Therapy. While it is best known for its success in aiding people to heal many types of cancer, Gerson Therapy has an excellent track record in helping to overcome virtually all other degenerative and chronic diseases. Charlotte and Beata clarify the science of the Gerson Therapy and clearly demonstrate why our chemical filled, nutritionally empty modern diet is a fundamental cause of today's worsening health crisis. Most of all, it offers a natural and powerful nutritional program that rebuilds and reboots your immune system, reestablishing your body's natural defenses, returning you to complete health. With chapters devoted to everything you can think of, it details every process and procedure: finding the right equipment and how to use it, food preparation, use of supplements, hints and tips to make things easier, and much more, including Gerson-approved recipes.

  • Author: Charlotte Gerson
  • Genre: Medical Books, Medicine, Internal Medicine, Oncology


4. Surviving Cancer, COVID-19, and Disease: The Repurposed Drug Revolution

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Nursing Oncology - August 2021

NEW EDITION FEATURING IVERMECTIN: JUST RELEASED MARCH 1st, 2021 ICU specialist Dr. Pierre Kory told the US Senate and the world about the lifesaving repurposed drug, Ivermectin, on December 8, 2021. He called it the solution to the Pandemic. Originally FDA approved to treat parasites; Ivermectin has shown incredible effectiveness against COVID-19. Many people, including actor Louis Gossett Jr or grandmother Judith Smentkiewicz, report rapid turnarounds even from the brink of death. Dr. Martin Gill says Ivermectin is more effective than any other drug against COVID-19. "I think there is enough evidence now to say this is the drug we have been waiting for. I've been using it literally since April with really spectacular results." - It is nearly 100% effective at prevention. Dr. Kory notes, "If you take it, you will not get sick." However, its most profound benefits are in hospitalized patients, where it can save even the sickest patients on ventilators. Perhaps most intriguing is that Ivermectin seems to help prevent the "Long Hauler's Syndrome." This refers to a group of COVID survivors who have long-term problems with lung scarring, shortness of breath or clotting disorders. One has to ask the question that if Ivermectin is so effective, then why is it not in widespread use in the US? The answer is the elephant in the room, and Dr. Kory says he is "severely troubled" by the fact the NIH, the FDA, and the CDC have not reviewed repurposed drugs in an attempt to treat this disease. And that everything has been about expensive and pharmacologically-engineered drugs. The problem is that repurposed drugs are cheap and unprofitable. There is no incentive to study them. It is revealing that many physicians and privileged scientists in the know already take advantage of repurposed drugs to treat and even cure their own terminal cancers. In the book, Dr. Justus R. Hope describes their stories and how they did it, and how non-physicians can do the same. - "It is tragically unfair that most people never hear about repurposed drugs." Dr. Hope aims to change that by making repurposed drugs a household name. "Repurposed drugs in my opinion should be offered in all cases of terminal cancer. They also should have been added long ago as cancer preventative agents." In this book, Dr. Hope discusses lifesaving repurposed drugs and supplements that work not just against COVID-19 but against terminal cancer. Specific combinations are reviewed along with referenced studies and supporting scientific evidence. Originally written to help his friend survive brain cancer, this book is an excellent scientific reference for anyone seeking to find innovative solutions for preventing and treating cancers, viruses, and diseases. - This book explains in easy-to-understand words the science behind repurposed drugs, pills that can kill cancer stem cells, the roots of cancer. Cancer stem cells are STIMULATED to REGROW and SPREAD and create resistance by standard treatments of chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation - THIS is the reason "cancers return and kill patients almost half the time." There are ways to stop cancer stem cells. The book has been praised by cancer researchers around the world: "I consider this a great work." by Marc-Eric Halatsch, MD, PhD, Head, Brain Tumor Research, Ulm University Hospital

  • Author: Justus Robert Hope
  • Publisher: Hope Pressworks Intl LLC (September 20, 2020)
  • Genre: Medical Books, Medicine
  • ISBN: 978-0998055428
  • Dimensions: 5.98 x 0.84 x 9.02 inches


5. Certified Hospice and Palliative Nurse (CHPN) Exam Review Book: A Comprehensive Study Guide with a 300 Question CHPN Practice Exam, Presents Case-Based Scenarios with Test-Taking Tips

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Nursing Oncology - August 2021

This must-have CHPN study guide for nurses seeking to obtain Certified Hospice and Palliative Nurse status provides state-of-the-art information about all aspects of this specialty. It features 300 carefully selected Q and As that offer a detailed rationale for each question, along with tips and strategies to promote exam mastery and frequently asked questions about the exam. Additional questions are arranged in chapters mirroring the exam blueprint and the number of questions for each category correlates with the exam matrix. Case-based scenarios embodied within the questions facilitate the application of knowledge in a problem-solving format. A complete CHPN practice test is included as well. Brief topical reviews address hospice and palliative care nursing practice in all of its dimensions, including physical, spiritual, and psychosocial. This HPNA study guide highlights information that forms the basis of end-of-life care, such as communication and family-centered care. Additionally, high-level skills used in palliative care and hospice nursing, such as drug and dosage conversion and the use of infusion therapy, are covered as well. Key Features: Delivers the first study guide for hospice and palliative nurses seeking CHPN certification Provides concise, up-to-date knowledge on all aspects of the hospice and palliative nursing Includes information about the exam, answers to commonly asked questions, and tips and strategies for exam mastery Includes practice questions and answers following each chapter Provides a final comprehensive CHPN practice exam that offers 300 Q and As with detailed answer rationales that mirror the exam format Presents case-based scenarios within the questions that facilitate the application of knowledge

  • Author: Patricia Moyle Wright PhD CRNP ACNS-BC CHPN CNE
  • Publisher: Springer Publishing Company; 1st edition (October 9, 2019)
  • Genre: New, Used & Rental Textbooks, Medicine & Health Sciences
  • ISBN: 978-0826119698
  • Dimensions: 7 x 0.95 x 10 inches


6. Palliative Care Nursing: Quality Care to the End of Life, Fifth Edition - New Chapter Included - Instructor Resources

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Nursing Oncology - August 2021

The aging population has only grown since the first edition of this comprehensive and seminal publication released nearly 20 years ago. Based on the need to humanize rather than medicalize the illness experience for patients, Palliative Care Nursing: Quality Care to the End of Life, Fifth Edition , delves into palliative care beyond the specific diseases affecting the patient. ICU nursing and ICU style help is impersonal and outdated. Instead, this textbook focuses on the wholesome caregiving to benefit the patient and their support network. Palliative patients struggle with debilitating and painful conditions, and because their condition is chronic, they grapple with the fact that life as they knew it has ended. Families and friends also suffer. They don't know how to help and therefore become secondary victims of the disease. Traditionally, ICU units and have focused on just treatment, and patients, family, and friends suffered. Today, modern medical advances have expanded to include empathy, and have learned how to harness the power of an entire team to help the patient and their support network strengthen their resilience, cure what can be cured, and maintain meaning and purpose in life. Palliative Care Nursing, Fifth Edition delivers advanced empirical, aesthetic, ethical and personal knowledge. This new edition brings an increased focus on outcomes, benchmarking progress, and goals of care. It expounds upon the importance of the cross-disciplinary collaboration introduced in the previous edition. Every chapter in Sections I, II, and III includes content written by a non-nursing member of the interprofessional team. Based on best-evidence and clinical practice guidelines, this text presents comprehensive, targeted interventions responsive to the needs of palliative and hospice patients and family. Each chapter contains compassionate, timely, appropriate, and cost-effective care for diverse populations across the illness trajectory. The updated fifth edition includes: An expanded chapter on palliative care which thoroughly explains up-to-date scope and standards, information on Basic and Advanced HPNA certification, self-reflection and self-care for nurses A new chapter on Interprofessional Collaboration Valuable instructor resources including practice problems, PowerPoints, practice tests and test banks Key features of this palliative care and ICU book include: The expanded new edition offers current, comprehensive, one-stop source of highly-relevant clinical information on palliative medicine Life-span approach: age-appropriate nursing considerations (e.g. geriatric, pediatric and family) Includes disease-specific and symptom-specific nursing management chapters Promotes a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to palliative care Offers important legal, ethical and cultural considerations related to death and dying Case Studies with Case Study Conclusion in each clinical chapter “This 5th edition is an important achievement; it is a symbol of commitment to the field of palliative nursing, where we have been and where we are going.” - Betty Rolling Ferrell, PhD, MA, FAAN, FPCN, CHPN

  • Author: Marianne Matzo PhD APRN-CNP FPCN FAAN
  • Publisher: Springer Publishing Company; 5th edition (July 9, 2018)
  • Genre: New, Used & Rental Textbooks, Medicine & Health Sciences
  • ISBN: 978-0826127129
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 1.5 x 11 inches


7. Fast Facts for the Hospice Nurse, Second Edition: A Concise Guide to End-of-Life Care

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Nursing Oncology - August 2021

Provides comprehensive, current information for addressing the physical, psychological, and spiritual needs of hospice patients and their families Substantially updated and expanded, the second edition of this quick-access reference for hospice nurses continues to deliver the most current information on the clinical and administrative duties of the hospice nurse. It encompasses important regulatory changes and milestones, providing timely information on cultural issues, special communication considerations, and hospice care’s enduring growth. This resource provides new content on levels of care, assessment and symptom management, and occupational stress, burnout, and self-care. New treatment guidelines and algorithms are included, as are updates on quality measures, the reimbursement schedule, compliance initiatives, and electronic documentation with specific examples. An indispensable clinical resource, the book is a valuable reference for nurses who are seeking to specialize in hospice, those who work in long-term care settings, post-acute care settings, acute care setting, and those who are seeking to enhance their knowledge of end-of-life care within other specialties. New to the Second Edition: Includes new regulatory changes/milestones, such as The National Quality Forum New Priorities for Action 2019 Provides updated information about levels of care, particularly the Last 7 Days rule from Medicare Covers the use of cannabis, non-pharmacological pain management interventions, care of the dying patient, and post-mortem care New chapters are included on the hospice nurse's role as case manager, patient discharge, religious and cultural influences on end-of-life care, pain assessment and interventions, wound care, care of the dying patient, and post-mortem care. Key Features: Reflects key competencies for the hospice nurse as designated by the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association Delineates clinical and administrative responsibilities of the hospice nurse Simplifies complex information such as Medicare regulations and compliance Provides screening tools for depression, anxiety, and wound risk Includes the Palliative Performance Scale and the Karnofsky Performance Scale Serves as a concise study resource for certification

  • Author: Patricia Moyle Wright PhD CRNP ACNS-BC CHPN CNE
  • Publisher: Springer Publishing Company; 2nd edition (September 14, 2020)
  • Genre: New, Used & Rental Textbooks, Medicine & Health Sciences
  • ISBN: 978-0826164636
  • Dimensions: 5 x 1 x 8 inches


8. TOUGH: Women Who Survived Cancer

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Nursing Oncology - August 2021

No Woman Should Have To Experience Cancer Alone . . . TOUGH: Women Who Survived Cancer is the ultimate recovery companion for women facing any type of cancer. This book is for newly-diagnosed women, survivors, thrivers, & the people who love them. It makes a great gift! Working from interviews with 37 women with a variety of cancer types, Iliev-Piselli, a survivor herself, has created honest and triumphant essays that will lift readers up like a conversation with good friends (if all your friends had survived cancer!). During life's most difficult moments, these women found joy in creative pursuits as diverse as they are, including writing, stand up comedy, drawing, air guitar, and many more. Get ready for honest, inspiring, uplifting, rock-n-rolling, gut-wrenching, heart-pounding, chemo-brain-fueled tales about cancer and its aftermath. Order your copy now!

  • Author: Marquina Iliev-Piselli
  • Publisher: AuthorpreneurLaunch LLC (September 9, 2019)
  • Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting, Diseases & Physical Ailments
  • ISBN: 978-1733034203
  • Dimensions: 6 x 0.53 x 9 inches


9. OCN Exam Secrets Study Guide: OCN Test Review for the ONCC Oncology Certified Nurse Exam

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Nursing Oncology - August 2021

Mometrix Test Preparation's OCN Exam Secrets Study Guide is the ideal prep solution for anyone who wants to pass their ONCC Oncology Certified Nurse Exam. The exam is extremely challenging, and thorough test preparation is essential for success. Our study guide includes: Practice test questions with detailed answer explanations Tips and strategies to help you get your best test performance A complete review of all OCN test sections ONCC is a federally registered trademark of the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation. Neither Mometrix Test Preparation nor any of its products or services are sponsored, approved, or endorsed by ONCC. The Mometrix guide is filled with the critical information you will need in order to do well on your OCN exam: the concepts, procedures, principles, and vocabulary that the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation (ONCC) expects you to have mastered before sitting for your exam. Test sections include: Quality of Life Protective Mechanisms Gastrointestinal and Urinary Function Cardiopulmonary Function Oncologic Emergencies Scientific Basis for Practice Health Promotion Professional Performance ...and much more! Our guide is full of specific and detailed information that will be key to passing your exam . Concepts and principles aren't simply named or described in passing, but are explained in detail. The Mometrix OCN study guide is laid out in a logical and organized fashion so that one section naturally flows from the one preceding it. Because it's written with an eye for both technical accuracy and accessibility, you will not have to worry about getting lost in dense academic language. Any test prep guide is only as good as its practice questions and answer explanations , and that's another area where our guide stands out. The Mometrix test prep team has provided plenty of OCN practice test questions to prepare you for what to expect on the actual exam. Each answer is explained in depth, in order to make the principles and reasoning behind it crystal clear. We've helped hundreds of thousands of people pass standardized tests and achieve their education and career goals. We've done this by setting high standards for Mometrix Test Preparation guides, and our OCN Exam Secrets Study Guide is no exception. It's an excellent investment in your future. Get the OCN review you need to be successful on your exam.

  • Author: OCN Exam Secrets Test Prep Team
  • Publisher: Mometrix Media LLC; 1st edition (March 15, 2016)
  • Genre: New, Used & Rental Textbooks, Medicine & Health Sciences
  • ISBN: 978-1610723886
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.61 x 11 inches


10. Core Curriculum for Oncology Nursing, 6e

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Nursing Oncology - August 2021

The only OCN® Exam review developed in collaboration with the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS), the Core Curriculum for Oncology Nursing, 6 th Edition is the must-have OCN® certification review resources. This essential guide covers the entire scope of practice for oncology nursing and reflects important changes in the dynamic field of cancer treatment and care. The thoroughly revised sixth edition follows the latest test blueprint for the OCN® Exam and is presented in a streamlined outline format to help you focus on the most important information. Recognized as the definitive resource for concepts and practice in oncology nursing, this is the #1 review tool when preparing for OCN® certification! This definitive study resource for the OCN ® Examination is the only such resource developed in collaboration with and endorsed by the Oncology Nursing Society . Coverage of the entire scope of oncology care includes quality of life, protective mechanisms, gastrointestinal and urinary function, cardiopulmonary function, oncologic emergencies, the scientific basis for practice, health promotion, and professional performance. Consistent o utline format provides a quick-reference review that begins with theory and continues through the steps of the nursing process. Emphasis on QSEN competencies is designed to reduce errors, with a focus on safety and evidence-based practice including Safety Alerts for cancer chemotherapy drugs. Updates on cancer treatment and related nursing care include the most current and accurate information, preparing you for the OCN exam and for enhanced clinical practice. NEW! Content has been updated throughout to reflect the most recent Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) role delineation study, the latest OCN ® Examination test blueprint, and important findings in cancer treatment and related nursing care, backed by the latest research evidence. NEW! Chapters reflect the latest ONS information on nurse navigation, communication and shared decision-making, precision medicine, immunotherapy, cognitive and endocrine symptoms, and compassion fatigue. NEW! Enhanced use of color in tables, boxes, and outlines improves visual appeal and learning.

  • Author: ONS
  • Publisher: Elsevier Inc; 6th edition (November 8, 2019)
  • Genre: New, Used & Rental Textbooks, Medicine & Health Sciences
  • ISBN: 978-0323595452
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 1 x 10.8 inches