Top 10 Best Books to Read in Family Law - August 2021

Here are our top ten recommendations if you are looking for the best books to read in Family Law. We have made sure our list is diverse to cater to the interests of different types of readers.

1. Get It Together: Organize Your Records So Your Family Won't Have To

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Family Law - August 2021

Everything you need to get organized Do your loved ones know where to find your life insurance policies, online banking passwords, real estate deeds, or even your will? If you’re like a lot of people, you keep important information―from the whereabouts of family heirlooms to online passwords to automatic bill-pay details―in your head or stashed in the odd desk drawer. Unfortunately, this disorganization will likely cause hassles for those who someday take care of you or your estate. Get It Together provides an easy, straightforward method to help you and others keep track of: secured places and passwords employment records insurance policies real estate records tax records retirement accounts estate planning documents funeral arrangements letters to loved ones We’ve reorganized this 9th edition to make the process more straightforward. In the first half, you’ll find the pages to create your personal planner. In the second half, you’ll find step-by-step instructions and helpful resources. With downloadable forms: organize your records using worksheets (details inside). Save the worksheets to your computer and then complete, print, and store them at your convenience. This workbook provides a complete system for structuring and organizing your information and documents into a records binder. For your ease, a companion Binder & Tab Set is also available on Amazon. To purchase, search for "get it together binder and tab set."

  • Author: Melanie Cullen
  • Publisher: NOLO; Ninth edition (October 13, 2020)
  • Genre: Business & Money, Personal Finance
  • ISBN: 978-1413327854
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 1.25 x 11 inches


2. I'm Dead Now What?: End of life planner, Make life easier for those you leave behind, Matte Finish 8.5 x 11 in

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Family Law - August 2021

I'M DEAD NOW WHAT? Make life easier for those you leave behind. Help your family or friends trace all important information they will need when you die. We've created this guide for you so you have an easy place to write everything down. You can pick and choose which sections you complete Find a safe place to keep it, such as with your will, and let your family or close friends know about it Your details will change over time so think about updating it once a year or when your circumstances change. It is really important that you keep this book in a secure place at all times as it will contain sensitive and confidential information. You can record the following information: Basic Information (My personal detail, Key contact, Medical Information) My Important documents (Will, Funeral plan...) Funeral wishes My financial details (Current accounts, Saving accounts, Credit Cards..) Insurances list (Life Insurance, Car Insurance, House Insurance..) Rental agreement (Utility Providers ) Regular payments (Charity donations, Club memberships...) Significant possessions (Property, Vehicles...) Useful contacts (Financial Adviser, Dentist, Doctor...) Digital accounts (Social media accounts, Digital records, Online websites accounts...) Access to & location of important items Arrangements for children Arrangements for pets My Personal Wishes Letters to Loved Ones Expression of Gratitude Final words Thanks page & signature Scroll Up and Order Your Copy Today! NB1. This planner is not a legal document and does not replace a valid will.

  • Author: TH. Guides Press
  • Publisher: Independently published (May 4, 2020)
  • Genre: Parenting & Relationships, Family Relationships
  • ISBN: 979-8643318477
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.23 x 11 inches


3. Contemporary Family Law (American Casebook Series)

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Family Law - August 2021

Hardbound - New, hardbound print book.

  • Author: Douglas Abrams
  • Publisher: West Academic Publishing; 5th edition (July 1, 2019)
  • Genre: Law, Family Law
  • ISBN: 978-1640205918


4. The Parallel Parenting Solution: Eliminate Confict With Your Ex, Create The Life You Want

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Family Law - August 2021

"I could not stop reading and highlighting! Thank you for writing it! Finally someone that understands and gets that it is impossible to coparent with a high conflict person!" -L. Deshea "This information was liberting to hear...this is exactly what I am and have been going through. I have purchased your book on Amazon and started reading it. I want to offer a sincere thank you...I am learning a lot about aligning myself with the parallel parenting ideal. Thank you for your posts and for your book. It has truly changed my life." -S. Delgado "Thank you for writing this book. It is good to not only know that I am not alone in this, but to have a safe, healthy plan for my son and myself moving forward." - J. Dillard "I want to see these changes for all families in my lifetime!" -A. Ngyen The Parallel Parenting Solution was written for people who want to eliminate the unnecessary drama of Coparenting with a high-conflict ex—particularly in the wake of a hard-fought divorce battle. Coparenting does not have to take a toll on mental health, deplete your finances, compromise your values, or threaten your safety. For those experiencing the effects of Trendy-Trendy Coparenting as a living hell, your experience is valid. We’ve been there and lived it. But have no fear. There is hope, and it’s called Parallel Parenting. It’s based on the premise that all parties can achieve the highest outcomes for themselves and their families when they are free to work in parallel, rather than being thrown into the chaotic emotional enmeshment soup that is Trendy-Trendy Coparenting. Understanding the exploitative and conflict-producing fantasy known as Trendy-Trendy Coparenting as sold to us by the divorce industry vultures is as important as understanding the down-to-earth tactics of how to deal with your high-conflict ex. This book will teach you both. Families who want to heal after a divorce should not start with pie-in-the-sky expectations. They should start in reality. That’s where Parallel Parenting exists, and we hope you will join us there.

  • Author: Carl Knickerbocker
  • Genre: Kindle Store, Kindle eBooks, Parenting & Relationships


5. ABA/AARP Checklist for My Family: A Guide to My History, Financial Plans and Final Wishes

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Family Law - August 2021

Put your life in order with this valuable new resource from AARP and the American Bar Association. Checklist for My Family guides you through the process of gathering in one place your finances, legal documents, online accounts, wishes about medical care, and more. Plus it tells you what you need, why you need it, what’s missing, and where to get it. While giving you peace of mind, this book is also a gift to your loved ones. It spares them stressful decisions and needless frustrations when you’re ill or upon your death. And it presents them with your legacy, by providing specific knowledge of family history and recollections about your life, interests, and accomplishments. Whether you choose to gather this critical information in the book itself or through the forms available free online, you can easily customize and organize your information. With this one-of-a-kind guide, you’ll stay in control of your life and feel satisfied in knowing that if anything happens to you, you—and your family—will be well prepared.

  • Author: Sally Balch Hurme
  • Publisher: American Bar Association; 1st edition (May 7, 2015)
  • Genre: Self-Help, Death & Grief
  • ISBN: 978-1627229821
  • Dimensions: 7.07 x 0.56 x 9.98 inches


6. Password Book: Internet Password Organizer: 6" x 9" Small Password Journal and Alphabetical Tabs | Password Logbook | Logbook To Protect Usernames

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Family Law - August 2021

Are you tired of get remember the usernames and passwords you created every time you visit a website? The password book is designed to keep all your important website addresses, usernames and passwords in a secoure and convenient location. The pages are in alphabetical tabs so you can find easily and quickly find what you're looking. Features: Plenty of space: 105 pages Alphabetized tabs Premium glossy-finished cover design Perfectly sized at 6” x 9” Printed on high quality It is also a great gift idea for: Birthday Gifts Christmas Gifts Meeting New Friends Gifts BFF Gifts Family Gifts And much more…. Scroll to the top of the page and click the buy button now.

  • Author: Ink Designs
  • Publisher: Independently published (October 19, 2019)
  • Genre: Computers & Technology, Networking & Cloud Computing
  • ISBN: 978-1701007574
  • Dimensions: 6 x 0.25 x 9 inches


7. If You're in My Office, It's Already Too Late: A Divorce Lawyer's Guide to Staying Together

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Family Law - August 2021

In this pertinent audiobook, hard-hitting divorce lawyer James Sexton shares his insights and wisdom from the frontlines of divorce to keep you out of his office and improve on your relationship If You're In My Office, It's Already Too Late. James Sexton knows this. After dealing with over 1000 clients whose marriages have dissolved over everything from an ill-advised threesome with the nanny to the uneven division of carpool duties, he also knows all of the what-not-to-dos for couples who want to build - and consistently work to preserve - a lasting, fulfilling relationship. Described by former clients as a "courtroom gunslinger" and "the sociopath you want on your side", Sexton tells the unvarnished truth about relationships, diving straight into the most common marital problems. These usually derive from dishonest - or nonexistent - communication. Even when the alleged reason for separation is one spouse's new "personal trainer", there's usually a communication problem that predates the fitness kick. Symptom and root cause get confused all the time. Sexton has spent his career working with spouses-to-be-no-longer. Reverse-engineering a relationship can help to identify and fix what does not work. Ever feel like you're holding back criticism of your spouse because you just can't have that fight right now? Sexton will tell you to "Hit Send Now". Maybe you aren't as adventurous as you used to be, or need some you-time, but for some reason, it seems weird or exhausting to change up the routine now. Sexton knows where that mentality leads and offers viable alternative paths to take. Though he deals constantly with the heartbreak of others, he still believes in romance and the transformative power of love. This audiobook is his opportunity to use what he has learned to help couples that aren't so far gone get back on track.

  • Author: James J. Sexton
  • Genre: Law, Family Law, Divorce & Separation


8. Codependent no More: Stop Codependency it's time to start loving yourself

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Family Law - August 2021

Often we are a part of toxic relationships without realizing it. It holds us back, blinds us, and keeps us from growing. Instead of holding our partner accountable, we insist, “I need to look after him.” But at what cost? In this seminal work, Codependent No More, the author breaks down, in a most lucid fashion, the cause and effect of being in a codependent relationship, and how to overcome it. Leveraging on the latest scientific and psychological research and longitudinal case studies, the author carefully analyzes how a relationship could degenerate into codependency, what exacerbates it, and what are some of its devastating effects. With a sympathetic and compassionate word, Codependent No More provides a platform through which we can come to terms with our past, realize the signs of codependency in our relationships, and overcome the lies that we tell ourselves daily. Never before has the self-perpetuating aspect of codependency been more toxic, and now more than ever we need to cultivate self-worth, acceptance and love for ourselves. In a life that constitutes relationships, which see self-denial, despair, fear, hopelessness, guilt, and depression as a way of life, we need to be reminded of a life beyond the noxious environment we find ourselves in. The author brings the devil out from under the carpet and shines a light on it so we can talk about the things that we’ve been too fearful of acknowledging.   This new edition elaborates on and expands the author's previous work. Adding new content, the author opens her heart to the reader, as to a friend. She reveals her personal experience, her thoughts, and the lessons she learned from her codependent relationship; what helped her to begin her fresh path outside of codependency toward her own rebirth. She tackled this problem firsthand and offers tailor-made solutions. Through Codependent No More you will embark on a journey of self-realization and awareness. It will open you up to change, to positivity, and the dead wood will fall behind. There is a life before reading Codependent No More, and one after it—such is the magnitude of its impact. This is even truer for those who live in a codependent relationship without knowing it. Codependent No More is geared to become a cultural phenomenon with its humanistic philosophy, profound psychological insights, and a call to growth and change. It is incumbent upon each and every one of us to read this sliver of truth and understanding that is poised to become the cornerstone of every healthy and prosperous relationship. Here is a small part of what you will discover: ◆ Defining a codependent relationship ◆ How codependency develops ◆ How to recognize the early signs of codependency ◆ Difference between a normal and codependent relationship ◆ How to achieve self-esteem and get rid of codependency ◆ Getting rid of fear of abandonment ◆ Learning to love yourself and re-discovering your beauty … and much more. Inside the book, you will also find a free guide, with 10 smart tips. TAKE THE FIRST STEP NOW!

  • Author: Shell Teri
  • Publisher: Independently published (May 26, 2020)
  • Genre: Politics & Social Sciences, Social Sciences
  • ISBN: 979-8648860919
  • Dimensions: 6 x 0.5 x 9 inches


9. Anxiety In Relationship: Overcoming Insecurity and Negative Thinking. Dealing with Jealousy and Attachment in Love. How to Feel Secure by Uncovering the Blocks Preventing You From a Loving Union.

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Family Law - August 2021

DISCOVER 7 SIMPLE STEPS TOWARDS PASSIONATE AND LOVING RELATIONSHIP…   Would you like to know what it takes to attain a life-long relationship that inspires, motivates, and bring happiness to your life? Would you like to turn around your existing relationship and destroy anger, stress, and Anxiety you are currently dealing with? If you answered “Yes” to at least one of these questions, then keep reading…   Relationships, especially close relationships, are an essential part of our life – no doubt about that! And how well you pursue in such relationships often directly affect other areas of your life such as career and business, physical and emotional health, and others.. . Just think about it…   When was the last time you argued with your partner? How was your day going after you had that big argument? How it affected your work, emotional state, productivity, and so on…. And it is not just about your health and career. We can almost guarantee that you still have that burning desire for that driven, passionate and loving relationship.   Inside this book, you will find exactly what you need to do to attain your dream relationship and bring back feelings and emotions you use to have with your partner as well as the easiest way to destroy all negative thoughts, jealousy, insecurities, and many other toxic relationship patterns once and for all.   Here are just a few things you will discover inside: Where does it start? Simple methods to spot Anxiety at is early stages – much easier to fix and get rid off it Why Anxiety can be a factor that defines your successful or unsuccessful relationship even before it starts 9 things you can start doing Right Now to improve your partnership and dramatically reduce toxicity in your relationship Most common obstacles in relationships – something you must know if you want to have a fabulous relationship for life! Relationships and Emotions? Why mastering your emotions can be one and only solution to almost every relationship problem and how to do it Intimate relationships – The real secret behind nearly every passionate and driven relationship, and trust us, it’s now that hard to achieve! Much much more…   And it doesn’t matter whether you have been in a relationship for 20 years or about to experience love for the first time in your life- this book will guide you through every single step towards a passionate and loving relationship of your dreams!   By purchasing this audiobook, you will also receive the PDF version for free, so you will be able to print or read it on the device you prefer.   So don’t wait, scroll up, click on “Buy Now” and Start Reading!

  • Author: Happiness Factory
  • Publisher: Independently published (July 3, 2020)
  • Genre: Parenting & Relationships, Family Relationships
  • ISBN: 979-8663268646
  • Dimensions: 6 x 0.4 x 9 inches


10. Modern Family Law: Cases and Materials [Connected Casebook] (Aspen Casebook)

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Family Law - August 2021

Buy a new version of this Connected Casebook and receive access to the online e-book , practice questions from your favorite study aids, and an outline tool on CasebookConnect, the all in one learning solution for law school students. CasebookConnect offers you what you need most to be successful in your law school classes— portability, meaningful feedback, and greater efficiency. Exploring the conflict between respect for privacy and deference to state authority in the context of family law today, each chapter in the Seventh Edition of Modern Family Law: Cases and Materials provides a lens to explore the appropriate role of the state in family decision making and helps equip students to handle current and emerging family law issues. The book features riveting well-edited cases, notes, interdisciplinary materials, and problems that highlight issues of gender, sexualities, race, and class. Integrating legal developments with perspectives from history, psychology, sociology, medicine, and philosophy, this casebook uniquely reflects the full diversity of the modern family, including key updates on marriage equality and parentage issues for LGBT-headed families, the nonmarital family, abortion, adoption, and assisted reproductive technology. New to the Seventh Edition: The latest Supreme Court family law cases ( Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt ; Masterpiece Cakeshop; Pavan v. Smith; Sessions v. Morales-Santana ), and previews of upcoming cases ( June Medical Services v. Gee and Bostock v. Clayton County ) In-depth coverage of important recent uniform and model legislation (Uniform Parentage Act (2017); Uniform Nonparent Custody and Visitation Act (2018); pending VAWA Reauthorization Act (2020), ALI Restatement of Children and the Law (2019-2020), and ABA Model Act Governing Assisted Reproduction (2019) Landmark recent state and federal decisions (including LGBT rights, breastfeeding discrimination/accommodations, contraceptive fraud, divorce discrimination, marital paternity presumption, marital communications privilege, abortion restrictions, minors’ abortion rights, name disputes, challenges to state polygamy laws, parentage rights in multi-parent families, spousal spying for infidelity, and much more) Professors and students will benefit from: A mix of “classic” and cutting-edge materials illuminate family law’s past and its continuing development in an era of exciting change Materials—such as narratives, epilogues, personal communications, social science perspectives, and comparative information—bring family law to life and Thoughtfully organized materials clearly present basic principles and doctrines, while inviting policy-based reflections and questions about law reform Provocative questions and Problems based on cases and current events will spark lively class discussions

  • Author: D. Kelly Weisberg
  • Publisher: Wolters Kluwer; 7th edition (February 2, 2020)
  • Genre: Law, Family Law
  • ISBN: 978-1543804591
  • Dimensions: 7.7 x 1.5 x 10.3 inches