Top 10 Best Books to Read in Professional Basketball - August 2021

Here are our top ten recommendations if you are looking for the best books to read in Professional Basketball. We have made sure our list is diverse to cater to the interests of different types of readers.

1. Shoot Your Shot: A Sport-Inspired Guide To Living Your Best Life

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Professional Basketball - August 2021

Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant. LeBron James. Stephen Curry. Kawhi Leonard. Giannis Antetokounmpo. James Harden. Kevin Durant. Russell Westbrook. These are some of the most high profile names in one of the world's most popular sports--basketball. But what steps did they take to elevate themselves to superstardom? What principles did they follow in order to become the best of the best? More importantly, how can you use their example to attain success in all of your endeavors? 'Shoot Your Shot' identifies the key principles that the world's most elite basketball players have applied to their lives and explains in detail how you can can use those same exact principles to help you navigate through life, accomplish your goals, and realize your dreams. Divided into Quarters and making you feel like you are in an actual basketball game, 'Shoot Your Shot' provides an entertaining and unique reading experience while equipping you with proven tools for success. More than just a book about sports, 'Shoot Your Shoot' is suitable for everyone--regardless of age, gender, background, or standing in life.

  • Author: Vernon Brundage Jr.
  • Publisher: Independently published (October 13, 2018)
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors, Basketball
  • ISBN: 978-1719900386
  • Dimensions: 5.25 x 0.5 x 8 inches


2. When the Game Was Ours

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Professional Basketball - August 2021

From the moment these two players took the court on opposing sides, they engaged in a fierce physical and psychological battle. Their uncommonly competitive relationship came to symbolize the most compelling rivalry in the NBA. These were the basketball epics of the 1980s — Celtics vs Lakers, East vs West, physical vs finesse, Old School vs Showtime, even white vs black. Each pushed the other to greatness — together Bird and Johnson collected eight NBA Championships, six MVP awards and helped save the floundering NBA at its most critical time. When it started they were bitter rivals, but along the way they became lifelong friends.   With intimate, fly-on-the-wall detail, When the Game Was Ours transports readers to this electric era of basketball and reveals for the first time the inner workings of two players dead set on besting one another. From the heady days of trading championships to the darker days of injury and illness, we come to understand Larry’s obsessive devotion to winning and how his demons drove him on the court. We hear him talk with candor about playing through chronic pain and its truly exacting toll. In Magic we see a young, invincible star struggle with the sting of defeat, not just as a player but as a team leader.  We are there the moment he learns he’s contracted HIV and hear in his own words how that devastating news impacted his relationships in basketball and beyond. But always, in both cases, we see them prevail. A compelling, up-close-and-personal portrait of basketball’s most inimitable duo, When the Game Was Ours is a reevaluation of three decades in counterpoint. It is also a rollicking ride through professional basketball’s best times.

  • Author: Larry Bird
  • Publisher: Mariner Books; Reprint edition (November 4, 2009)
  • Genre: Kindle Store, Kindle eBooks, Sports & Outdoors


3. Walk-On Warrior: Drive, Discipline, and the Will to Win

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Professional Basketball - August 2021

A basketball journey like no other. The incredible autobiography of a college season at Marquette, a summer with Hall of Fame coach, Rick Majerus, and a court-side seat with the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks. Small town. Undersized. Not enough talent. John Willkom heard it all as a young basketball player growing up in rural Wisconsin. Despite the odds, John dedicated his life to the game, an arduous journey that challenged the very core of even the most disciplined. As John's hard work lands him amongst basketball's elite, it is the workouts, the people, and the behind-the-scenes interactions that not only change his skill set but how he lives his life. Both heartfelt and funny, Walk-On Warrior takes you into the mind of an athlete from John's perspective. Take a journey that will reignite your passion for life, challenge your perspectives on toughness and fear, and ultimately, inspire you to maximize your talent. *A must read for sports fans and youth that aspire to play college basketball

  • Author: John Willkom
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1st edition (August 15, 2018)
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors, Basketball
  • ISBN: 978-1983693069
  • Dimensions: 6 x 0.52 x 9 inches


4. Kobe Bryant: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball's Greatest Shooting Guards (Basketball Biography Books)

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Professional Basketball - August 2021

Learn the Inspiring Story of the Los Angeles Lakers' Legendary Guard, Kobe Bryant! Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device! One of many riveting reads in the Basketball Biography Books series by Clayton Geoffreys. Newly revised in 2020, Kobe Bryant: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball's Greatest Shooting Guards details the inspirational story of basketball's star, Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant was the face of the Lakers dynasty for two decades and for good reason. Few players have commanded a basketball court as much as Kobe in historical performances such as his notable 81-point performance in just under 42 minutes of playing time in 2006 against the Toronto Raptors. Kobe had an illustrious career, and lived an incredible life. Few players will ever be able to reach Kobe Bryant's level in terms of competitive fire and will to win. His polarizing figure defined him and made even those who did not like him at the very least respect him. Read on to learn about the days of when Kobe played alongside Shaquille O’Neal, Robert Horry, Metta World Peace, Derek Fisher, and Pau Gasol in some of the greatest times of Los Angeles Lakers’ basketball history. Get this basketball book on Kobe Bryant today if you're looking for an inspiring basketball biography book to read, or a gift for a basketball fan! It's perfect for reading at home or on the go. Here is a preview of what is inside this Kobe Bryant book: Chapter 1: Childhood and Early Life Chapter 2: High School Years Chapter 3: Kobe’s NBA Career – The Early Years Chapter 4: The Laker Dynasty Chapter 5: Falling Out of the Kobe-Shaq Tandem Chapter 6: The Down Years Chapter 7: Bryant’s Return to Glory Chapter 8: Chasing MJ Chapter 9: The Injury Years and Retirement Chapter 10: International Dominance Chapter 11: Bryant’s Personal Life and Tragic Passing Chapter 12: Impact on Basketball Chapter 13: Kobe Bryant’s Legacy An excerpt from this biography book on Kobe Bryant's story: When Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant gave himself the nickname Black Mamba, everyone wondered why he chose to liken himself to a reptile. The black mamba is one of the fastest and deadliest snakes in the world. It is also the codename used by Uma Thurman's assassin character in the Quentin Tarantino film Kill Bill. And yes, Black Mamba was also the boxing nickname given to Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s uncle, Roger Mayweather. You may be thinking that Bryant probably did not want to become a part of the Mayweather family, so it must have been that Tarantino movie that got to him. Well, it turns out that Bryant did, in fact, watch Kill Bill and was so intrigued by the codename Black Mamba that he did a bit of research on the snake. Upon reading up on the mamba, Bryant decided that it was the perfect description of how he wanted his game to be. The black mamba is said to have a 99% striking accuracy at high speeds and in rapid succession. Bryant stated that it is the kind of surgical precision that he wanted in his game. Kobe Bryant was always known as a perfectionist and player who, despite being great, still strove to be the greatest. And, like the black mamba, Kobe Bryant could strike with precision and without warning. Moreover, he was big, strong, and deadly on the floor both in his prime years as well as when he was a young man. Did you enjoy this excerpt? If so, be sure to pick up a copy of this basketball biography book on Kobe Bryant today! This is just one of many basketball biographies by Clayton Geoffreys. Also, be sure to check out Clayton's biography on other All-Stars after you finish this one.

  • Author: Clayton Geoffreys
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs, Community & Culture


5. How to Be Better At Basketball in 21 days: The Ultimate Guide to Drastically Improving Your Basketball Shooting, Passing and Dribbling Skills (Basketball in Color)

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Professional Basketball - August 2021

Want to learn the exact basketball skills, strategies, and techniques the pros use? Discover a 21-day fast-track program to break through your basketball barriers. Struggling to nail that winning shot? Can’t seem to pull off the spectacular passes and incredible crossovers you see on TV? James Wilson is a 30-year veteran of basketball coaching with experience gained in 20 countries. Wilson’s genius, laser-focused 21-day program is designed to improve your game no matter your current skill level. How to Be Better At Basketball in 21 Days: The Ultimate Guide to Drastically Improving Your Basketball Shooting, Passing and Dribbling Skills , teaches you precision drills and specific exercises to stack skill after skill. Using Wilson’s special core philosophy, this thorough system will improve your form, develop new skills, and help you challenge even the most advanced players. In How to Be Better At Basketball in 21 Days , you’ll discover: Expert techniques to dramatically increase your basketball shooting accuracy How to crush your crossovers and handle the ball like a boss How to toughen your mental state and play with courage, confidence, and control How to challenge those more advanced players and succeed while doing it How to be that go-to player who takes the winning shot and much, much more! How to Be Better At Basketball in 21 Days is the definitive manual for any basketball player from amateur to pro. If you like learning practical, step-by-step, no-nonsense techniques straight from an expert, then you’ll love Wilson's easy-to-follow guide. Buy How to Be Better At Basketball in 21 Days to slam dunk the competition today! Don't forget to claim a FREE Kindle version with your purchase of Paperback copy!

  • Author: James Wilson
  • Publisher: Independently published (March 22, 2017)
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors, Basketball
  • ISBN: 978-1520899718
  • Dimensions: 6 x 0.21 x 9 inches


6. Demon Slayer: Demon Slayer, Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, 112 Lined Pages, 6 x 9, Anime Notebook Diamond

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Professional Basketball - August 2021

"Anime Notebook Diamond" is a group of people creating notebooks based on the most popular titles of Anime. The team consists of people for whom Anime is everyday life, which is why we better understand your needs. Our Anime themes are ideally suited for school and office use but their best advantage is that they are the perfect gift for any Anime fan. Our products are highly rated by customers, we are always ready to help and support. If you need additional material just write to us E-Mail: IG: @animenotebookdiamond

  • Author: A. N. Diamond
  • Publisher: Independently published (April 27, 2020)
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors, Basketball
  • ISBN: 979-8640595529
  • Dimensions: 6 x 0.26 x 9 inches


7. How to Dunk if You’re Under 6 Feet Tall: 13 Proven Ways to Jump Higher and Drastically Increase Your Vertical Jump in 4 Weeks (Vertical Jump Training Program in Black&White)

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Professional Basketball - August 2021

Have you tried and failed to will your short body to dunk a basketball? Learn how even the most vertically challenged players can slam the ball home with ease. Have you been told you're far too short to touch the rim, let alone throw the ball down? Having trouble increasing your vertical leap no matter how much weightlifting you do? Author James Wilson is a 30-year veteran of basketball coaching in 20 different countries. He's cracked the scientific code to allow players of any height to dunk like a pro, and now he's here to share his secrets with you. In How to Dunk if You’re Under 6 Feet Tall: 13 Proven Ways to Jump Higher and Drastically Increase Your Vertical Jump in 4 Weeks , you'll learn the meticulous science behind increasing your vertical leap. Through his proven step-by-step plan, you'll find out the exact techniques necessary to dunk your first basketball in just four weeks. Without weightlifting or special equipment, you'll soon be able to jam in front of your friends with either one hand or two. In How to Dunk if You’re Under 6 Feet Tall , you’ll discover: The best exercise techniques for increasing your vertical jump in just four weeks The best basketball shoes to make you jump higher How shorter people can go from barely touching the rim to dunking with one or two hands How to jump higher without lifting weights The precision mechanics of the perfect jump and dunk and much, much more! How to Dunk if You’re Under 6 Feet Tall is an established expert’s ultimate guide to increasing your vertical jumps and making slam-dunks a reality. If you like a step-by-step programs, scientifically-backed exercises, and making rapid progress, then you’ll love Wilson’s landmark book. Buy How to Dunk if You’re Under 6 Feet Tall to make those rim-rattling slams a reality today! Don't forget to claim a FREE Kindle version with your purchase of Paperback copy!

  • Author: James Wilson
  • Publisher: Independently published (March 15, 2017)
  • Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting, Exercise & Fitness
  • ISBN: 978-1520848952
  • Dimensions: 6 x 0.13 x 9 inches


8. The Official NBA Basketball Encyclopedia (3rd Edition)

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Professional Basketball - August 2021

On December 12, 1891, 13 rules of a new game were posted in a YMCA gym in Springfield, Massachusetts. At each end of the floor, Dr. James A. Naismith, who had invented the game, had peach baskets nailed below a walkway that happened to be 10-feet high. Within a few days, one of Naismith's students would christen the new game "Basket Ball." Over a century ago, no one could possibly have envisioned the extraordinary changes that were going to transform Dr. Naismith's game. Who could have imagined a 6-10 George Mikan swatting shots away from the basket? Julius Erving in flight, soaring in from the free throw line for a heart-stopping stuff? Or Bob Cousy throwing a mind-boggling no-look, behind-the-back pass; Jerry West hitting a 60-foot shot with no time left in a crucial playoff game; Larry Bird's three-point prowess and Michael Jordan rising to heights - literally and figuratively - never before seen by any athlete? Who could have foreseen more than 62,000 fans crowded into the Georgia Dome to see a game between the Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks? Or the titanic battles between Wilt and Russell? Or the Dream Team? The longevity of Stockton and Malone? Red Auerbach's victory cigars? Phil Jackson's Zen coaching? Or Shaquille O'Neal's powerful dunks? Who could have ever predicted talent like Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, Walt Frazier, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Grant Hill, Vince Carter, Jason Kidd, Allen Iverson, and Kobe Bryant? With an Introduction by NBA Commissioner David J. Stern and a Foreword by Michael Jordan, this third edition of The Official NBA Encyclopedia captures it all: The past and the present. The complete stats and the complex personalities. Dynasties, rivalries, coaches, referees, all the pre-NBA leagues, vignettes and features by the top basketball writers in the world. Every NBA season is reviewed and individual statistics are provided for every player who has ever played in the league. An extraordinary 32-page color photo essay that captures the spirit of the game since Naismith conceived it opens this encyclopedia in an unprecedented and spectacular manner. From the peach basket to the slam dunk championship - it's all here in The Official NBA Encyclopedia , a book that's almost as exciting as a triple overtime seventh game of the NBA Finals.

  • Author: National Basketball Association
  • Publisher: Doubleday; Subsequent edition (October 17, 2000)
  • Genre: Reference, Encyclopedias & Subject Guides
  • ISBN: 978-0385501309
  • Dimensions: 8.94 x 2.1 x 11.15 inches


9. The Book of Basketball: The NBA According to The Sports Guy

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Professional Basketball - August 2021

There is only one writer on the planet who possesses enough basketball knowledge and passion to write the definitive book on the NBA.* Bill Simmons, the from-the-womb hoops addict known to millions as’s Sports Guy, is that writer. And The Book of Basketball is that book. Nowhere in the roundball universe will you find another single volume that covers as much in such depth as this wildly opinionated and thoroughly entertaining look at the past, present, and future of pro basketball. From the age-old question of who actually won the rivalry between Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain to the one about which team was truly the best of all time, Simmons opens–and then closes, once and for all–every major pro basketball debate. Then he takes it further by completely reevaluating not only how NBA Hall of Fame inductees should be chosen but how the institution must be reshaped from the ground up, the result being the Pyramid: Simmons’s one-of-a-kind, five-level shrine to the ninety-six greatest players in the history of pro basketball. And ultimately he takes fans to the heart of it all, as he uses a conversation with one NBA great to uncover that coveted thing: The Secret of Basketball. Comprehensive, authoritative, controversial, hilarious, and impossible to put down (even for Celtic-haters), The Book of Basketball offers every hardwood fan a courtside seat beside the game’s finest, funniest, and fiercest chronicler. * More to the point, he’s the only one crazy enough to try to pull it off.

  • Author: Bill Simmons
  • Publisher: ESPN; First Edition (October 27, 2009)
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors, Basketball
  • ISBN: 978-0345511768
  • Dimensions: 6.3 x 1.75 x 9.5 inches


10. Stephen Curry: A Sharpshooter's Journey to the NBA & Beyond

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Professional Basketball - August 2021

Do you wish you could shoot a basketball like a future Hall of Fame superstar? Discover the insider secrets, training techniques, and daily workouts of one of the NBA's sharpest shooters. Are you embarrassed to show off your shot on the basketball court? Are you fed up with time-consuming drills that haven't improved your game? Author Steve James spent his youth analyzing professional athletes and documenting the practices of successful players. In this comprehensive biography, James reveals all of Stephen Curry's incredible shooting methods, training workouts, and specific practice programs. In Stephen Curry: A Sharpshooter's Journey to the NBA & Beyond , you’ll discover the exact methods used by NBA superstar Stephen Curry that will show you how to shoot with deadly accuracy. James’ insightful basketball biography dives deep into Curry’s workouts and drills, setting out a blueprint for you to follow and get incredible results. In Stephen Curry , you’ll discover: A comprehensive analysis of Curry's life and disciplines including his motivational rituals Exactly how many shots you need to take per day to develop pro skills Curry's secret training regimens he uses to continue improving his game The famous dribbling method that sets Curry apart from all others The insider secrets that have allowed Curry to dominate the game and much, much more! Stephen Curry is a comprehensive unpacking of the daily disciplines, workout secrets, and basketball sharpshooting skills that make Curry the NBA showstopper he is today. If you like practical techniques, easy-to-understand instructions, and following the exact training methods used by professional athletes, then you'll love James’ brilliant biography. Buy Stephen Curry to start draining more threes today!

  • Author: Steve James
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 4, 2017)
  • Genre: Children's Books, Sports & Outdoors
  • ISBN: 978-1547116782
  • Dimensions: 6 x 0.21 x 9 inches