Top 10 Best Books to Read in Illustration and Graphic Design - August 2021

Books in the graphic design and illustration genre are about visual design creation using modern techniques to convey ideas or information. It is a sub-genre of graphic designing. The main objective of this genre is to guide readers about creating a design or interpretation for digital media. These guides include step-by-step instructions for using illustrator, designing software, and tools. In addition, this genre covers different styles and techniques of design making. These styles include drawing, collage, printmaking, digital design, multimedia, 3D design. Moreover, the readers learn how to create styled, realistic, expressive, and technical designs. Here are our top ten recommendations if you are looking for the best books to read in Illustration and Graphic Design.

1. How to Draw Cool Stuff: A Drawing Guide for Teachers and Students

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Illustration and Graphic Design - August 2021

How to Draw Cool Stuff shows simple step-by-step illustrations that make it easy for anyone to draw cool stuff with precision and confidence. These pages will guide you through the basic principles of illustration by concentrating on easy-to-learn shapes that build into complex drawings. With the step-by-step guidelines provided, anything can become easy to draw. This book contains a series of fun, hands-on exercises that will help you see line, shape, space and other elements in everyday objects and turn them into detailed works of art in just a few simple steps. The exercises in this book will help train your brain so you can visualize ordinary objects in a different manner, allowing you to see through the eyes of an artist. From photorealistic faces to holiday themes and tattoo drawings, How to Draw Cool Stuff makes drawing easier than you would think and more fun than you ever imagined! Now is the time to learn how to draw the subjects and scenes you've always dreamt of drawing. How to Draw Cool Stuff is suitable for artists of any age benefiting everyone from teachers and students to self-learners and hobbyists. How to Draw Cool Stuff will help you realize your artistic potential and expose you to the pure joy of drawing!

  • Author: Catherine V Holmes
  • Publisher: Library Tales Publishing, Incorporated; Illustrated edition (March 17, 2014)
  • Genre: Arts & Photography, Graphic Design
  • ISBN: 978-0615991429
  • Dimensions: 8 x 0.57 x 10 inches


2. Tarot of the Divine: A Deck and Guidebook Inspired by Deities, Folklore, and Fairy Tales from Around the World: Tarot Cards

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Illustration and Graphic Design - August 2021

Take a step forward on your spiritual journey with this gorgeously illustrated celebration of deities, folklore, and fairy tales from all over the world. The path to enlightenment is unique for each of us, but many of the lessons we learn are shared stories passed among cultures and generations. With rich, vibrant art and a keen understanding of traditional tarot archetypes, illustrator Yoshi Yoshitani infuses Tarot of the Divine with worldly insight and an intriguing selection of fables and folktales from cultures across the globe. The Major Arcana cards are brought to life with characters from beloved stories who embody the fool's journey, from the Danish fable of the naive Little Mermaid (a character who represents The Fool) to China's Beauty and the Beast (The Lovers) to the Maori legend of Hinemoa and Tutanekai (The World). The archetypes of the Minor Arcana--focused on suits of cups, coins, swords, and wands--are made richer with diverse cultural fables, ancient mythologies, and spiritual legends like the Crane Wife (Japan), Aladdin (Persia), Jack and the Beanstalk (England), Fenrir (Norway), Oedipus (Greece), the Pandavas (India), and dozens more. As you acquaint yourself with your cards, a 44-page guidebook illuminates how these fables support traditional tarot imagery and themes. With fables from more than forty countries, this spiritual journey is a worldly experience like no other.

  • Author: Yoshi Yoshitani
  • Publisher: Clarkson Potter (September 1, 2020)
  • Genre: Arts & Photography, Graphic Design
  • ISBN: 978-0593135143
  • Dimensions: 4.77 x 1.95 x 6.3 inches


3. Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Illustration and Graphic Design - August 2021

50 ANIMAL PATTERNS TO COLOR | From MantraCraft, creator of best-selling coloring books. This adult coloring book from MantraCraft has over 50 animal patterns and provides hours of stress relief through creative expression. It features small and big creatures from forests, oceans, deserts and grasslands. Designs range in complexity and detail from beginner to expert-level.  You will Love this Coloring Book. It offers: Stress Relieving Designs that are Great for Relaxation.  Each coloring page is designed to provide calmness and relaxation as you channelize your energies for creative expression. Beautiful Artwork and Designs.  Well-crafted illustrations and designs that lay the groundwork for you to create your own frame-worthy masterpieces.   High Resolution Printing.  Each image is printed in high resolution to offer crisp, sharp designs that enable trouble free coloring and high quality display. Single-sided Pages.  Every image is printed on a single-sided page, so that you can use a broad variety of coloring choices without fearing bleed through. Moreover, single-side pages can be framed to display your masterpieces. Suitable for All Skill Levels.  This coloring book offers a broad variety of designs suited for all skill levels - ranging from beginner to expert level. A Great Gift.  Coloring books make a wonderful gift and MantraCraft coloring books are frequently one of the most gifted items. About MantraCraft MantraCraft creates a wide range of coloring books that help you relax, unwind, and express your creativity. Explore the entire MantraCraft collection to find your next coloring adventure. Buy Now & Relax.  Scroll to the top of the page and click the  Add to Cart  button.

  • Author: MantraCraft
  • Publisher: New Castle P&P (January 26, 2018)
  • Genre: Arts & Photography, Graphic Design
  • ISBN: 978-1945710797
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.25 x 11 inches


4. Minecraft Composition Notebook: Wide-Ruled, 7.5 x 9.25, 100 Pages, For kids, teens, and adults, Video Game (Composition Notebooks)

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Illustration and Graphic Design - August 2021

7.25 x 9.5 100 Pages Soft Matte Cover Great for kids, teens, and students. Perfect for school or play.

  • Author: Mark Alan
  • Publisher: Independently published (July 17, 2021)
  • Genre: Engineering & Transportation, Engineering
  • ISBN: 979-8538883851
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 0.23 x 9.25 inches


5. How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Illustration and Graphic Design - August 2021

Written by the iconic Stan Lee, How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way is a must-have book for Marvel fans and anyone looking to draw their first comic strip. Stan Lee, the Mighty Man from Marvel, and John Buscema, active and adventuresome artist behind the Silver Surfer, Conan the Barbarian, the Mighty Thor and Spider-Man, have collaborated on this comics compendium: an encyclopedia of information for creating your own superhero comic strips. Using artwork from Marvel comics as primary examples, Buscema graphically illustrates the hitherto mysterious methods of comic art. Stan Lee’s pithy prose gives able assistance and advice to the apprentice artist. Bursting with Buscema’s magnificent illustrations and Lee’s laudable word-magic, How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way belongs in the library of everyone who has ever wanted to illustrate his or her own comic strip.

  • Author: Stan Lee
  • Publisher: Atria Books; Illustrated edition (September 14, 1984)
  • Genre: Arts & Photography, Graphic Design
  • ISBN: 978-0671530778
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.5 x 11 inches


6. 100 Animals: An Adult Coloring Book with Lions, Elephants, Owls, Horses, Dogs, Cats, and Many More! (Animals with Patterns Coloring Books)

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Illustration and Graphic Design - August 2021

2021 Gift Ideas | 100 Unique Images Enjoy beautiful animals and relaxing patterns with this easy coloring book from bestselling publishing brand, Jade Summer. Our 100 Animals coloring book is a wonderful way to show your love of animals while your stress fades away. Each animal features simple patterns which allow you to effortlessly fill pages with any of your favorite colors. We have also included close-up animal portraits and full-body animal designs so you will have plenty of options of what to color next. You get to color a variety of fun animal designs from all across the animal kingdom. We have included loveable farm animals, wild jungle animals, mysterious animals of the sea, and many more! Imagine yourself coloring an untamed horse running on the plains, an adorable squirrel climbing a tree, and a tropical fish swimming in the ocean. You can color each animal with realistic colors or let your imagination run wild and use whichever colors you choose! Why You Will Love this Book Relaxing Coloring Pages. Every page you color will pull you into a relaxing world where your responsibilities will seem to fade away... Beautiful Illustrations. We’ve included 100 unique images for you to express your creativity and make masterpieces. Which colors will you choose for this book? Single-sided Pages. Every image is placed on its own black-backed page to reduce the bleed-through problem found in other coloring books. Great for All Skill Levels. You can color every page however you want and there is no wrong way to color (even if you are a beginner). Makes a Wonderful Gift. Know someone who loves to color? Make them smile by getting them a copy too. You could even color together! About Jade Summer 100+ Coloring Books. Explore the entire Jade Summer collection and find an amazing book for your next coloring adventure. As a Jade Summer fan, you have access to books in a variety of popular themes, including animals, mandalas, fantasy, inspirational, and many more! 6,500+ 5-star Amazon Reviews. Jade Summer is one of the premier coloring book brands and a frequent bestseller on Amazon. When you buy a Jade Summer coloring book, you know it's a product you'll love. Fun Online Community. Our fun, friendly, and supportive community on social media is an entertaining way to view completed pages from other Jade Summer fans, meet other colorists, and share your masterpieces with the world. Buy Now & Relax... Scroll to the top of the page and click the Add to Cart button.

  • Author: Jade Summer
  • Publisher: Independently published (May 13, 2019)
  • Genre: Arts & Photography, Graphic Design
  • ISBN: 978-1098578800
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.47 x 11 inches


7. The Botanist's Sticker Anthology

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Illustration and Graphic Design - August 2021

Get lost in the beauty of the natural world in this captivating collection of botanical stickers. Page after page is packed with beautiful vintage drawings of ornamental flowers, tropical ferns, and other exotic plants and fungi. Get creative! Adorn your personal items with more than a thousand botanically themed images. Use the stickers for scrapbooking and stationery, create gorgeous artwork, or simply enjoy this book as an exquisite keepsake.

  • Author: DK
  • Publisher: DK; Illustrated edition (November 3, 2020)
  • Genre: Arts & Photography, Graphic Design
  • ISBN: 978-0744036725
  • Dimensions: 6.94 x 1.15 x 8.81 inches


8. NKJV, Journal the Word Bible, Cloth over Board, Gray Floral, Red Letter, Comfort Print: Reflect, Journal, or Create Art Next to Your Favorite Verses

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Illustration and Graphic Design - August 2021

Do you underline Scripture, take notes during sermons, or express your thoughts through journaling? The NKJV Journal the Word™ Bible is a trustworthy and indispensable resource for anyone who puts pen to paper for deeper engagement with God’s Word. The extra-wide lined margins make this Bible ideal for note taking or journaling. The NKJV Journal the Word™ Bible is truly inspirational from cover to cover and sure to make an excellent gift as a treasured personal keepsake. The Thomas Nelson NKJV Comfort Print® typeface is designed to honor the beauty of the New King James Version, providing a particularly smooth reading experience for longer engagement in God’s Word. Features include: Designed with the exclusive Thomas Nelson NKJV Comfort Print® typeface Lined, wide margins for notes and reflections Premium paper for enduring note-taking Words of Christ in red Lays flat in your hand or on your desk Two ribbon markers

  • Author: Thomas Nelson
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson (June 5, 2018)
  • Genre: Arts & Photography, Graphic Design
  • ISBN: 978-0785218425
  • Dimensions: 6.7 x 2 x 8.5 inches


9. Invincible: The Ultimate Collection, Vol. 2

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Illustration and Graphic Design - August 2021

In the aftermath of Mark's revelation concerning his father, he's forced to pick up the pieces of his life and carry on. The Ultimate Collection, Vol. 2 collects Invincible's struggle to become his own man, to stand on his own and live his own life. This is a can't-miss for any Invincible fan and a perfect addition to any bookshelf.

  • Author: Robert Kirkman
  • Publisher: Image Comics (April 25, 2017)
  • Genre: Arts & Photography, Graphic Design
  • ISBN: 978-1582405940
  • Dimensions: 7.6 x 1.1 x 11.1 inches


10. Beginner's Guide to Digital Painting in Procreate: How to Create Art on an iPad®

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Illustration and Graphic Design - August 2021

Learn how to paint on your iPad like the professionals in Beginner’s Guide to Procreate, a comprehensive introduction to this industry-standard software. Accessible and versatile, Procreate is an ideal tool for anyone wanting to give digital painting a go. Step-by-step tutorials, quick tips, and inspiring artwork ensure you’ll have all you need to create stunning concept art quickly and easily.

  • Author: 3dtotal Publishing
  • Publisher: 3DTotal Publishing (April 28, 2020)
  • Genre: Arts & Photography, Graphic Design
  • ISBN: 978-1912843145
  • Dimensions: 8.4 x 0.6 x 11 inches