Top 10 Best Books to Read in Medical Procedure - August 2021

Here are our top ten recommendations if you are looking for the best books to read in Medical Procedure. We have made sure our list is diverse to cater to the interests of different types of readers.

1. Red Light Therapy: Miracle Medicine (The Future of Medicine: The 3 Greatest Therapies Targeting Mitochondrial Dysfunction)

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Medical Procedure - August 2021

Supercharge your Health Without Negative Side Effects! Imagine a world without toxic drugs and endless lists of side effects. A world where a revolutionary new technology is used to remedy virtually all illnesses. Imagine red light therapy. Science writer Mark Sloan is the author of 3 bestselling books and is the creator of a popular blog delivering evidence-based health information which has helped tens of thousands of people get well.  After losing his mother to cancer at age 12, Mark has committed his life to finding safer and better treatments for cancer and disease. Red Light Therapy: Miracle Medicine is your complete guide to learning everything you need to know to begin using red light immediately to maximize your health. In part 1, you’ll learn what red light therapy is, how it works and all the remarkable things it can do for your health.  Backed by literally hundreds of scientific and clinical studies, you’ll learn how to use near-infrared and red light therapy to: Look and feel 10 years younger by smoothing wrinkles, fixing acne and cellulite Boost your brain function, memory and creativity Melt fat and never feel ashamed about your body again Fatigue? Supercharge your energy and passion for life Feel stronger and more confident with bigger muscles and a better body Eliminate pain and accelerate repair of injuries and wounds Enhance sexual function , performance and fertility Eliminate depressive thoughts and feel happier about life Part 2 of the book is Mark’s proven 7-step system for at-home treatment that thousands of people across the world are using right now to get healthy.  You’ll also read over 20 remarkable success stories from real people who have benefitted from using this system.  The 7-step red light therapy protocol includes: How to position your light and body for maximum results How close to your body to put the light Treatment times for your specific condition The biggest mistakes people make during treatment and how to avoid them You’ll also learn 2 rare yet powerful evidence-based therapy combinations that will synergize with red light therapy to make it even more effective! Red Light Therapy: Miracle Medicine is your ultimate guide to understanding red light therapy and how to use it to get the greatest possible results.  If you like straightforward information, easy-to-follow techniques, and proven strategies, then you’ll love Mark Sloan’s next-level resource. Get Started Immediately! Pick up your copy now by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!

  • Author: Mark Sloan
  • Publisher: Mark David Sloan (May 8, 2018)
  • Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting, Alternative Medicine
  • ISBN: 978-0994741868
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.46 x 8.5 inches


2. DR. SEBI CURE FOR KIDNEY DISEASE: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Cure Kidney Disease Using Dr. Sebi Alkaline Eating Diet Method

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Medical Procedure - August 2021

Dr. Sebi Kidney TreatmentA Step by Step Guide on Reversing Kidney Using Dr. Sebi Herbs Dr. Sebi was a world renowned pathologist, herbalist and naturalist left this world in the year 2016, despite this fact, that he is deceased, his discoveries and self-invention on kidney cure is still helping millions of herpes patients around the world During his time on earth, Dr. Sebi healed millions of kidney individuals with his method and his death has done little to change this, he left behind an holistic healing for kidney, you can learn from his life and what he really believed about this deadly disease with the aim of eradicating kidney from the surface of the earth, here is the complete analysis into doctor sebi cure for kidney is all about Get ready to read more about it GRAB YOUR SELF A COPY TODAY by scrolling up and clicking Buy Now in one click

  • Author: Adam Lovren
  • Publisher: Independently published (November 12, 2019)
  • Genre: Medical Books, Medicine
  • ISBN: 978-1707859740
  • Dimensions: 5 x 0.08 x 8 inches


3. Lab Values: An Easy Guide to Learn Everything You Need to Know About Laboratory Medicine and Its Relevance in Diagnosing Disease

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Medical Procedure - August 2021

Are you curious about Lab Values and want to learn to read them? 💉 Would you like to be able to understand them once and for all? 🩸 If so, then keep reading! Medical laboratory testing is a vital medical procedure that allows for the early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. More often than not, these tests are making the difference between life and death , and they are one of the first defense lines that protect patients and their general well-being. Laboratory results greatly influence almost every decision regarding a patient – diagnosis, treatment, hospital admission, and discharge – all of them. That's why it's crucial to understand and learn how to conduct and order these tests efficiently. This guide is written from a skilled nurse's personal experience so that you can have easy access to all essential testing procedures at all times. Organized the way a nurse thinks, up-to-date, and easy to navigate. Perfect when you are in a rush and have no time to search for the information you need— an excellent choice for medical students and doctors, not just nurses . This book contains step-by-step guides on choosing the correct procedure (that depends on the anamnesis), tips on preparing the patient for the procedure, and expert information for accurate interpretation of results. Here is what this practical handbook to medical laboratory testing can offer you: ✅ Convenient way to always find the right test for your patient ✅ Quick access to relevant information (abbreviations, measurements, etc.) ✅ Full description of each test with reference values (normal values) ✅ Easy way to reference increased and decreased values with clinical implications and factors that can affect results ✅ Quick way to review or update yourself on some concepts and procedures ✅ And much more! If you want to stay on the top of your game and be the expert that you and your patient deserve to be, then this practical guide is a must-have in your collection. What are you waiting for? Scroll up, click on "Buy Now with 1-Click", and Get Your Copy Now!

  • Author: Nathan Orwell
  • Publisher: Independently published (February 22, 2021)
  • Genre: Medical Books, Medicine
  • ISBN: 979-8711520320
  • Dimensions: 6 x 0.45 x 9 inches


4. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: 7 Ways to Freedom from Anxiety, Depression, and Intrusive Thoughts (Happiness is a trainable, attainable skill!)

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Medical Procedure - August 2021

A Practical Guide to Mental and Emotional Freedom! Take action now and own this book for a limited time discount! Feeling lost about how to treat disturbing intrusive thoughts? You’re not alone! This book contains brilliant advice from a former sufferer of anxiety, depression, and intrusive thoughts. Here is a gift to fellow casualties of negative thought patterns, destructive behaviors, self-loathing, and those wishing freedom from persistent demons. Meeting our demons face-to-face is the only way we can prevail and achieve inner peace. Happiness is a Trainable, Attainable Skill! CBT is the most proven method for treating mental suffering. This book also includes time-tested practices from the world’s wisdom traditions, such as Buddhist and Stoic philosophy. Each equips you with specific skills to overcome depression, anxiety, and intrusive thoughts. Preparing you with techniques that have stood the test of time and scientific rigor. Self-compassion is at the heart of CBT. Take a chance on this book today! Exactly What You Will Learn… How To... Understand What Makes Your Mind Tick See The Link Between Spirituality and Self-Help Confront Anxiety Head-On! Challenge Unhelpful, Intrusive Thoughts Build a Better Relationship with Yourself Break Bad Habits and Enjoy Life! Optimal Life Management + BONUS Workbook! Easy One-Click for a Healthier, Happier Mind! Full 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. ( That's How Confident We Are !) 100% Extra FREE: 10,000+ Words in Your Improved 2nd Edition! Do you need immediate mental health support? :) Check out this excellent free resource: "Retain the Faith That You Will Prevail in the End, Regardless of the Difficulties. And at the Same Time Confront the Most Brutal Facts of Your Current Reality, Whatever They May Be." — James Stockdale. Tags: Training, OCD, PTSD, For Dummies, Workbook, Techniques, Social Anxiety, Paperback, Course, Self-Help, Online, Books, Anxiety, Depression, Cure, Sleep, Insomnia, Phobias, Intrusive Thoughts, CBT, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Your Stress-Free Life.

  • Author: Lawrence Wallace
  • Publisher: Independently published (December 16, 2016)
  • Genre: Medical Books, Psychology
  • ISBN: 978-1520163048
  • Dimensions: 6 x 0.3 x 9 inches


5. Basic Life Support Provider Manual - A Comprehensive Guide Covering the Latest Guidelines

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Medical Procedure - August 2021

Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider Manual  - The content in this handbook is in compliance with the 2020 guidelines for CPR and ECC (Emergency Cardiac Care) , recently released by the American Heart Association – therefore, all the protocols illustrated in this book are based on up-to-date evidence. These guidelines are updated every 5 years . The BLS Provider Manual is a complete guide and reference tool that covers all the information students need to know in order to successfully complete the BLS course. For easier learning, multiple-choice questions can be found at the end of each chapter. The answers to these exercises are found at the very end of the book. Basic Life Support (BLS) refers to a set of procedures that can be learned to prolong survival in life-threatening situations until more professional help is available. Any individual can become certified in basic life support protocols. These protocols are frequently updated, based on the latest evidence available, and every individual who undergoes BLS certification may need to refresh their knowledge every two years. Medical professionals usually have a sound understanding of basic life support protocols. Even then, it is essential for them to frequently undergo certifications to update their knowledge regarding the latest evidence-based protocols. This handbook is designed for both medical professionals and non-healthcare individuals. It aims to establish a sound understanding of the mechanisms underlying basic life support. The intended audience is healthcare students and personnel who need to learn how to perform CPR and other basic cardiovascular life support skills in a wide variety of both clinical and prehospital settings. Go to the top-right of the page and click " Add to Cart "

  • Author: M. Mastenbjörk M.D.
  • Publisher: Medical Creations (April 29, 2021)
  • Genre: Medical Books, Allied Health Professions
  • ISBN: 978-1734741322
  • Dimensions: 6 x 0.23 x 9 inches


6. Surgical Suture for Beginners: A complete step-by-step guide for doctors, nurses, paramedics on surgical knots and suturing techniques used in the emergency room and surgery

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Medical Procedure - August 2021

This is the official textbook on Surgical Suture for Beginners created by Nurse Academy . NOW ALSO AVAILABLE IN AUDIO ® Looking for a guide to quickly learning how to suture like a pro? If so, this is the right book for you. Surgical Suture for Beginners teaches you everything you need to know about the most common knots and suturing techniques you will encounter in your medical career. This book is a complete step-by-step guide for doctors , nurses , paramedics on techniques that are used in the emergency room and surgery . Before the advent of anesthesia, doctors were forced to use very primitive suturing techniques due to the fact that they did not have the time to implement more sophisticated and effective sutures. Now that medical professionals have the ability to create the most effective knots in sutures they can truly do miraculous things and aid individuals in healing from injuries and illnesses that previously would have been fatal. A comprehensive knowledge of suturing techniques is essential for any healthcare professional. A surgical suture is a medical instrument used during an injury or surgery to tie body tissues together. In general, the application requires the use of a needle with an attached thread length. Over the centuries of its history, a variety of different shapes, sizes, and thread materials have been created. Usually, surgeons, psychiatrists, dentists, podiatrists, eye doctors, professional nurses and all qualified nursing professionals, physicians, skilled pharmacists, and veterinarians participate in suturing.  To protect the sutures, surgical knots are used. Therefore, doctors, nurses, and paramedics need to be familiar with both suture techniques and knots. In this book you will learn about : The types of suture material used in surgery. Suture needles and hand instruments The anatomy and ideal properties of a surgical knot The principles of knot tying The types of knots used surgically The basic principles of suturing Essential and basic suturing techniques Advanced suturing techniques such as the hybrid suture and more Postoperative care of sutured wounds and complications that may arise And much more! Pick up this book today and you will have everything you need to know to engage in surgical suturing! Don’t forget to leave a review if you enjoy the book and be sure to recommend the book to your fellow medical practitioners so that they can benefit from the knowledge contained within it. We look forward to your feedback! ★★★★★ Nurse Academy

  • Author: Nurse Academy
  • Publisher: Independently published (January 6, 2021)
  • Genre: New, Used & Rental Textbooks, Medicine & Health Sciences
  • ISBN: 979-8591349585
  • Dimensions: 6 x 0.25 x 9 inches


7. Love in the time of medical school: Build a happy, healthy relationship with a medical student

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Medical Procedure - August 2021

Nobody told you how difficult it would be to date a medical student. Your partner endures long hours, endless exams, and unpredictable clinical rotations. They learn to speak a different language and are asked to dedicate themselves to training with single-minded focus. And you? You work hard to pursue your goals while taking care of yourself and your relationship. I wish somebody had told me what to expect and how to maintain a happy, healthy relationship while dating a medical student. Nobody told me those things, but I’m here to tell you. I scoured research about medical couples, interviewed almost two dozen other medical partners, and drew from my experiences to bring you this book. How do successful medical couples do it? I’ll show you. Lear how to… • Contend with medical school’s demanding, unpredictable schedule • Avoid medical couples’ most common pitfalls and arguments • Build robust support systems and reframe time spent alone • Build new communication habits and utilize the power of small gestures • Pursue your goals and support your partner. You’ve struggled long enough. It's time to improve your relationship.

  • Author: Sarah Epstein
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (August 3, 2017)
  • Genre: Medical Books, Medicine
  • ISBN: 978-1546625988
  • Dimensions: 6 x 0.23 x 9 inches


8. Cancer: The Metabolic Disease Unravelled (Curing Cancer)

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Medical Procedure - August 2021

Never Fear Cancer Again What if I told you that all the research needed to end the disease of cancer forever has already been completed?  Would you believe it?  Well now you don’t have to! Cancer: The Metabolic Disease Unravelled is your complete guide to the revolutionary scientific discoveries made over the past 150 years that reveal exactly what cancer is, what cancer isn’t, and the most efficient ways to remedy it – without causing patients any harm whatsoever in the process. Bestselling author Mark Sloan lost his mother to cancer when he was 12 years old and now he’s made it his life mission to ensure that no child has to go through what he did, ever again. Backed by evidence from over 3500 scientific and clinical references, Cancer: The Metabolic Disease Unravelled explodes the myth that cancer is a disease of genetic origin, and reveals its true underlying cause: a dysfunctional metabolism. In Cancer: The Metabolic Disease Unravelled , you’ll discover: The single most important scientific cancer discovery ever made How The overwhelming evidence showing cancer is a metabolic disease The single most powerful dietary change you can make for longterm health At least 5 effective alternative cancer therapies and testimonials from cancer survivors who used them Cancer: The Metabolic Disease Unravelled is your ultimate guide to understanding what cancer is, what cancer isn’t, and how to correct the root cause quickly and inexpensively without causing any harm whatsoever in the process. Get Started Immediately! Pick up your copy now by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!

  • Author: Mark Sloan
  • Publisher: EndAllDisease Publishing (September 8, 2018)
  • Genre: Medical Books, Medicine
  • ISBN: 978-0994741851
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.77 x 8.5 inches


9. Delmar's Clinical Lab Manual Series: Immunohematology (Clinical Laboratory Manual Series.)

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Medical Procedure - August 2021

A new addition to Delmar's Clinical Laboratory Manual Series, this lab manual presents students with hands-on procedures used in blood banking, including manual cell working, typing, screening and cross-matching. Step-by-step exercises throughout illustrate important concepts in transfusion practice and make this manual ideal for medical laboratory technicians and technologists. Essential coverage of genetics, immunology and hematology are included to promote understanding of these topics. The book is designed to make even the most difficult blood bank topics accessible. (transfusion, typing, sample, compliance, Allied Health, immunology, hematology, MLT, transfusion, immunohematology, lab manual)

  • Author: Sheryl Whitlock
  • Publisher: Thomson Delmar Learning; 1st edition (October 9, 1996)
  • Genre: Medical Books, Medicine
  • ISBN: 978-0827368675
  • Dimensions: 8.75 x 0.5 x 11.25 inches


10. ECG Mastery: The Simplest Way to Learn the ECG

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Medical Procedure - August 2021

What nobody ever tells you about the ECG is that it doesn’t have to be hard to become an expert. ECG Mastery: The Simplest Way to Learn the ECG , based on an award-winning training method, gives you a clear and simple roadmap for approaching any ECG. This book leaves out the jargon and sticks to the information that’s really important. Every chapter includes interesting cases, colorful illustrations, and hands-on exercises that make learning the ECG effective and fun. After working through the steps in this book, you’ll be able to follow a case discussion with your colleagues, recognize many common and dangerous diseases, choose appropriate medical procedures, and start using the ECG in your daily clinical practice. In this book you’ll learn: How to easily identify P waves, QRS complexes, and T waves, and how to measure intervals and amplitudes on the ECG through simple math Where to put the precordial leads and what they tell you about the heart How to recognize abnormal patterns in the chest leads, including bundle branch block What you need to know to identify ventricular hypertrophy A simple way to recognize ST depression and T-wave negativity, associated with debilitating and potentially life-threatening diseases How myocardial infarction affects the appearance of the QRS complex How to become great at identifying inferior wall myocardial infarction How acute coronary syndromes affect the ST segment An easy and fast method for determining the cardiac axis How to detect various kinds of electrolyte disturbances and more! As a bonus, ECG Mastery comes with valuable resources you can print out and to use as study aids or take with you as references on your rounds. It also comes with a free e-book version of our advanced ECG book, which teaches how to assess heart rhythms. ECG Mastery: The Simplest Way to Learn the ECG was developed by a team of seasoned cardiologists, expert teachers, and learning designers who want to make learning the ECG as easy, and effective, as possible.

  • Author: Peter Kühn MD
  • Publisher: Medmastery GmbH; 1st edition (March 3, 2015)
  • Genre: Medical Books, Medicine
  • ISBN: 978-3950394405
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.54 x 11 inches