Top 10 Best Books to Read in Philosophy Aesthetics - August 2021

Here are our top ten recommendations if you are looking for the best books to read in Philosophy Aesthetics. We have made sure our list is diverse to cater to the interests of different types of readers.

1. As a man Thinketh: The Original 1902 Edition (The Wisdom Of James Allen)

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Philosophy Aesthetics - August 2021

All that we achieve and all that we fail to achieve is the direct result of our own thoughts. “Self-control is strength. Right thought is mastery. Calmness is power. ” ― James Allen, As a Man Thinketh "As a Man Thinketh" is a literary essay by James Allen, first published in 1902. In more than a century it has become an inspirational classic, selling millions of copies worldwide and bringing faith, inspiration, and self healing to all who have encountered it. The title comes from the Bible: "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." -- Proverbs, chapter 23, verse 7. As himself Allen describes, “It shows how, in his own thought-world, each man holds the key to every condition, good or bad, that enters into his life, and that, by working patiently and intelligently upon his thoughts, he may remake his life, and transform his circumstances. …and it can be carried in the pocket.” Too many mortals strive to improve only their wordly position--and too few seek spiritual betterment. Such is the problem James Allen faced in his own time. The ideas he found in his inner-most heart after great searching guided him as they will guide you. A True Classic that Belongs on Every Bookshelf!

  • Author: James Allen
  • Publisher: Independently published (February 7, 2021)
  • Genre: Christian Books & Bibles, Bible Study & Reference
  • ISBN: 979-8706171780
  • Dimensions: 5 x 0.21 x 8 inches


2. Vibrate Higher Daily: Live Your Power

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Philosophy Aesthetics - August 2021

Tap into your inner power with this mind-opening guide to vibrational-based living from Instagram star and self-help pioneer behind the internet community Vibrate Higher Daily. “There is another way of being in the world. There is a better way to exist, rise, move beyond, and take our power back.” Too often we feel pulled down by circumstances or the negativity of others. We think we have no control over the things that are hurting us and holding us back from realizing our truest selves. But according to Lalah Delia, we have more power within us than we know: listen to your unique inner voice and trust your instincts. By doing so, you’re already experiencing the transformative power of vibrational-based living. Vibrating higher daily is about making intentional day-to-day choices that lift us out of mindsets, habits, and lifestyles that don't serve us and into ones that do. This book is an invitation to engage with everything that feeds our soul and raises our vibration, and to simultaneously let go of the things bringing our energy down. Through poetry, mantras, and affirmations, Lalah Delia empowers us to live with higher potential and quality of being. Vibrate Higher Daily  is a manifesto unlike any other for stepping into our power.

  • Author: Lalah Delia
  • Publisher: HarperOne (December 10, 2019)
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality, New Age & Spirituality
  • ISBN: 978-0062905147
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.75 x 8.25 inches


3. Beyond Good and Evil

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Philosophy Aesthetics - August 2021

Beyond Good and Evil: Prelude to a Philosophy of the Future is a book by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, first published in 1886. It draws on and expands the ideas of his previous work, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, but with a more critical and polemical approach. In Beyond Good and Evil, Nietzsche accuses past philosophers of lacking critical sense and blindly accepting dogmatic premises in their consideration of morality. Specifically, he accuses them of founding grand metaphysical systems upon the faith that the good man is the opposite of the evil man, rather than just a different expression of the same basic impulses that find more direct expression in the evil man. The work moves into the realm "beyond good and evil" in the sense of leaving behind the traditional morality which Nietzsche subjects to a destructive critique in favour of what he regards as an affirmative approach that fearlessly confronts the perspectival nature of knowledge and the perilous condition of the modern individual.

  • Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 6, 2018)
  • Genre: Literature & Fiction, History & Criticism
  • ISBN: 978-1503250888
  • Dimensions: 6 x 0.27 x 9 inches


4. Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry into the Value of Work

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Philosophy Aesthetics - August 2021

A philosopher/mechanic's wise (and sometimes funny) look at the challenges and pleasures of working with one's hands  "This is a deep exploration of craftsmanship by someone with real, hands-on knowledge. The book is also quirky, surprising, and sometimes quite moving."  —Richard Sennett, author of  The Craftsman Called "the sleeper hit of the publishing season" by  The Boston Globe ,  Shop Class as Soulcraft  became an instant bestseller, attracting readers with its radical (and timely) reappraisal of the merits of skilled manual labor. On both economic and psychological grounds, author Matthew B. Crawford questions the educational imperative of turning everyone into a "knowledge worker," based on a misguided separation of thinking from doing. Using his own experience as an electrician and mechanic, Crawford presents a wonderfully articulated call for self-reliance and a moving reflection on how we can live concretely in an ever more abstract world.

  • Author: Matthew B. Crawford
  • Publisher: Penguin Books; Reprint edition (April 27, 2010)
  • Genre: Politics & Social Sciences, Politics & Government
  • ISBN: 978-0143117469
  • Dimensions: 7.66 x 5.3 x 0.69 inches


5. In Praise of Shadows

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Philosophy Aesthetics - August 2021

An essay on aesthetics by the Japanese novelist, this book explores architecture, jade, food, and even toilets, combining an acute sense of the use of space in buildings. The book also includes descriptions of laquerware under candlelight and women in the darkness of the house of pleasure.

  • Author: Junichiro Tanizaki
  • Publisher: Leete's Island Books; First edition (December 1, 1977)
  • Genre: Literature & Fiction, Essays & Correspondence
  • ISBN: 978-0918172020
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.2 x 8.5 inches


6. The Shape of Ancient Thought: Comparative Studies in Greek and Indian Philosophies

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Philosophy Aesthetics - August 2021

Spanning thirty years of intensive research, this book proves what many scholars could not explain: that today’s Western world must be considered the product of both Greek and Indian thought—Western and Eastern philosophies. Thomas McEvilley explores how trade, imperialism, and migration currents allowed cultural philosophies to intermingle freely throughout India, Egypt, Greece, and the ancient Near East. This groundbreaking reference will stir relentless debate among philosophers, art historians, and students.

  • Author: Thomas C. Mcevilley
  • Publisher: Allworth; 1st edition (February 7, 2012)
  • Genre: Kindle Store, Kindle eBooks, Arts & Photography


7. Aristotle: The Complete Works

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Philosophy Aesthetics - August 2021

Aristotle (384–322 BCE) was a Greek philosopher and student of Plato who stunningly changed the course of Western philosophy. He has gone down in history as one of the greatest philosophers of all time. Cicero, the Roman statesman and philosopher, once called his writing style "a river of gold;" and his scope of thought and subsequent influence on the study of science, logic, philosophical discourse, and theology has led many to dub him "The Philosopher." Contents: Part 1: Logic (Organon) Categories, translated by E. M. Edghill On Interpretation, translated by E. M. Edghill Prior Analytics (2 Books), translated by A. J. Jenkinson Posterior Analytics (2 Books), translated by G. R. G. Mure Topics (8 Books), translated by W. A. Pickard-Cambridge Sophistical Refutations, translated by W. A. Pickard-Cambridge Part 2: Universal Physics Physics (8 Books), translated by R. P. Hardie and R. K. Gaye On the Heavens (4 Books), translated by J. L. Stocks On Gerneration and Corruption (2 Books), translated by H. H. Joachim Meteorology (4 Books), translated by E. W. Webster Part 3: Human Physics On the Soul (3 Books), translated by J. A. Smith On Sense and the Sensible, translated by J. I. Beare On Memory and Reminiscence, translated by J. I. Beare On Sleep and Sleeplessness, translated by J. I. Beare On Dreams, translated by J. I. Beare On Prophesying by Dreams, translated by J. I. Beare On Longevity and Shortness of Life, translated by G. R. T. Ross On Youth, Old Age, Life and Death, and Respiration, translated by G. R. T. Ross Part 4: Animal Physics The History of Animals (9 Books), translated by D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson On the Parts of Animals (4 Books), translated by William Ogle On the Motion of Animals, translated by A. S. L. Farquharson On the Gait of Animals, translated by A. S. L. Farquharson On the Generation of Animals (5 Books), translated by Arthur Platt Part 5: Metaphysics (15 Books), translated by W. D. Ross Part 6: Ethics and Politics Nicomachean Ethics (10 Books), translated by W. D. Ross Politics (8 Books), translated by Benjamin Jowett The Athenian Constitution, translated by Sir Frederic G. Kenyon Part 7: Aesthetic Writings Rhetoric (3 Books), translated by W. Rhys Roberts Poetics, translated by S. H. Butcher

  • Author: Aristotle
  • Publisher: KTHTK (July 23, 2021)
  • Genre: Kindle Store, Kindle eBooks, Politics & Social Sciences


8. Beauty: The Invisible Embrace: Rediscovering the True Sources of Compassion, Serenity, and Hope

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Philosophy Aesthetics - August 2021

The human soul is hungry for beauty; we seek it everywhere in landscape, music, art, clothes, furniture, gardening, companionship, love, religion, and in ourselves. When we experience the Beautiful, there is a wonderful sense of homecoming; we feel fully alive. Our lives become illuminated, and behind the shudder of appearances we come to glimpse the sure form of things. On Beauty: The Invisible Embrace , Irish poet and philosopher John O'Donohue invites us to remember and to awaken the Beautiful; it is always secretly there, awaiting but our attention and reverence in order to come alive. Beauty is the true priestess of individuation. But our times are dominated by anxiety and by what is vulgar, coarse, and artificial. Were Beauty to awaken in the fields of politics, religion, planning, discourse, and seeing, our world would heal, and fresh wells of hope would refresh us. Kathleen Raine, the English poet says: "Strangest of all is the ease with which the vision is lost, consciousness contracts, we forget over and over again, until recollection is stirred by some icon of that beauty. Then we remember and wonder why we ever forgot."

  • Author: John O'Donohue
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality, New Age & Spirituality, Celtic


9. Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Philosophy Aesthetics - August 2021

An updated version of the seminal 1994 classic volume on the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. Every book with "wabi" or "wabi sabi" in the title is based on the concepts first elucidated in this book.

  • Author: Leonard Koren
  • Publisher: Imperfect Publishing; Illustrated edition (November 1, 2008)
  • Genre: Arts & Photography, Decorative Arts & Design
  • ISBN: 978-0981484600
  • Dimensions: 5.6 x 0.4 x 8.5 inches


10. The Gay Science: With a Prelude in Rhymes and an Appendix of Songs

Top 10 Best Books to Read in Philosophy Aesthetics - August 2021

Nietzsche called The Gay Science "the most personal of all my books." It was here that he first proclaimed the death of God—to which a large part of the book is devoted—and his doctrine of the eternal recurrence. Walter Kaufmann's commentary, with its many quotations from previously untranslated letters, brings to life Nietzsche as a human being and illuminates his philosophy. The book contains some of Nietzsche's most sustained discussions of art and morality, knowledge and truth, the intellectual conscience and the origin of logic. Most of the book was written just before Thus Spoke Zarathustra , the last part five years later, after Beyond Good and Evil . We encounter Zarathustra in these pages as well as many of Nietzsche's most interesting philosophical ideas and the largest collection of his own poetry that he himself ever published. Walter Kaufmann's English versions of Nietzsche represent one of the major translation enterprises of our time. He is the first philosopher to have translated Nietzsche's major works, and never before has a single translator given us so much of Nietzsche.

  • Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Publisher: Vintage; 1st edition (January 12, 1974)
  • Genre: Politics & Social Sciences, Philosophy
  • ISBN: 978-0394719856
  • Dimensions: 4.1 x 0.88 x 6.85 inches